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Nothing makes us more proud than helping our customer's pets live a healthier life. If we've helped your pet, please let us know on our Facebook page, so we can pass on your thanks to our staff.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Roger Earle


13th February 2018

We would just like to let you know, we have been to 3 of your stores, Hare Hatch, Bicester, and Yarnton and the service and caring attitude and helpfulness of your staff we have seen at these 3 stores is OUTSTANDING and we wish all retail outlets of any kind had such good staff.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Ann Bulmer


9th February 2018

Hi, I popped in to your Yarnton store earlier today and was served by a young lady called Sophie.

She appeared to be alone in the store and was busy giving the shelves a serious clean. When I entered she was talking very knowledgably to two ladies but still welcomed me with a smile. Once the ladies had been served Sophie came to see if I needed help. She advised me on cat food and dog food never having to check a packet she knew all the ingredients and percentages of meat and veg etc. She was absolutely fantastic, friendly and obviously happy in her work. It was an absolute pleasure to visit your store. Sophie is a fantastic asset to your company.

I just had to let you know the great work she is doing. I'm blown away by the great service that I have received by each member of your staff at Yarnton. Fantastic.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Alan Wards


12th November 2017

Good afternoon, I visited your store in Morden this afternoon (Sunday) with my children and our dog Luna and just wanted to make a comment on the staff.

They were very friendly, very knowledgeable and very helpful.

I didn’t even know about this shop until I heard, I think it was the M.D. on the radio one evening last week.

Rest assured I will certainly be visiting again instead of Pets at Home.

I will be driving past Pets at Home to go to Pets Corner.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Pamela Calvert


9th November 2017

I recently went to the Pets' Corner at Wyevale in Bury St. Edmunds with a digestive problem with my Labrador. I spoke to Damien who very quickly suggested that it might be a grain allergy. So I took his advice and my dog was transformed. He talked more sense than the vets. I was thrilled. What an asset to your business. I am very grateful.

Miss Selina Horn

9th November 2017


Hi I always go into the pet shop in Durrington Tesco store and buy my dog food and treats I went into the branch last week I had a very ill dog at the time she was not eating and I did not know what to do to get her better I was at my witts end the two ladies in the shop I think it’s Vicky warnner And Sophie Coates They went above and beyond to help me and suggested a wet food and how much to feed and so on I went home and to my joy she started eating little mouthfuls I cannot thank the ladies enough they were great and thanks to them my dog pulled through they are so good at their job and deserve praise thank you beyond words.

We will definitely be back, and the bonus is, we are on a loyalty scheme too!! Will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Miss Horn.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Becky Ormond


8th November 2017


Can you please pass on my thanks to Amy F, who helped me yesterday when I was enquiring about changing my puppy onto a different brand.

She was very knowledgable and not at all pushy in promoting certain brands at higher costs. She was able to totally justify why I should try a particular brand and wanted me to start with the smallest bag as a trial, I have to say, not necessary, as was consumed at great speed when mixed with the old food last night!!!!

We will definitely be back, and the bonus is, we are on a loyalty scheme too!! Will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Many thanks again.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Alexandra Harding


1st October 2017

Hi there,

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service you provide in your Tunbridge Wells branch. We have a new puppy and return time and again for the excellent advice and all the help from friendly well informed staff you have there. So far we have been served by 3 different ladies and they all provided excellent service. Please pass this message to your staff.

Thank you

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Hayley Brown


2nd September 2017

I recently went into Staines to collect something when my dog Paddy spooked for no apparent reason. He was freaking out, trying to run away and get out of his harness. I spotted the Pets Corner and made my way over with a terrified puppy as I knew he would calm down if he was inside. A lovely sales assistant Rachel instantly came over and asked if we needed help. I explained what happened and Rachel instantly went over and bought him some treats and sat on the floor with me to help calm him down. She also went to get him a toy to help distract him. She sat with me and Paddy until my brother arrived.

I am a highly anxious person (like dog like owner) and I don't think this young girl understood how much it meant to me that she was helpful and calming!

This kind of customer service is rarely seen these days and was greatly appreciated!

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Catherine Davies

Max & Ruby

15th August 2017

I went in to the Romsey store a few weeks ago as I purchased a pair of female guinea pigs for my son's birthday in May, after hearing they were good for Autistic children (I have a 4 year old autistic son). My partner at the time was very clued up on animals and nature being a country boy, so the fact I am a city girl and completely clueless where animals are concerned didn't matter, until we split up 6 weeks later!!

I have to admit, shamefully, that I am a bit of a princess when it comes to mess and anything that causes mess and have never had a pet in my life. The young girl who had recently come from a different store if I recall, was so helpful. I pretty much told her I was clueless and went through a list of things that a book said I needed. The young girl could have used the opportunity to sell me absolutely everything and I would have believed her if she said I needed to purchase a diamond encrusted roof cover for their hutch, I really am that uneducated where these little creatures are concerned!

The young girl was so patient and not only did she advise me of which items were a necessity and which were optional extras or additional creature comforts, but she also explained how to make up their bedding, which parts of the hutch should have hay etc and I walked away feeling like I was capable of keeping these little things happy and alive!

There was a gentleman at the till as well and I think he was a manager or supervisor and he was also extremely pleasant and helpful. Neither of them made me feel like I was in any way an idiot, although they had just cause to do so.

I will definitely recommend the store and these 2 particular members of staff as the customer service I received was outstanding and I really am hard to please!

Julie Carter

11th August 2017


I'd like to email you to comment on how lovely your Enfield store is. I popped in a while ago with my collie as I was out of options for his terrible arthritis. I was considering putting him out of pain.

I spoke to a young girl called Jodie who spent over an hour with me going through all the different foods and medication that could help.

She recommended Symply senior and yumove joint tablets and even advised me where I could get the tablets a lot cheaper than vets/pets at home.

My old boy has a new lease of life and I still have my best friend.

Please past on my thanks to her.

Kinds regards,

Julie Carter.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Fiona McGhee

Yazzy Yamin

10th August 2017

I'd just like to compliment Pets Corner and especially the Lewes branch.

The Lewes store has been absolutely fabulous in helping me with my adopted cat. They are all so polite, friendly, knowledgeable yet professional and the store is amazingly clean. Nothing is too much trouble for the staff in the Lewes branch and I would just like to say thank you to them all. It's a pleasure to pop in there. Thank you.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Alison Ormrod

Darcy and Nell

5th August 2017

Hi - just wanted to drop you a line to tell you about our recent visit. We visited the store on Wednesday for the first time to buy a new collar and lead for our new puppy ( we were actually on the way to collect her!). We were also looking for lead/ collar ideas for our other dog - a very headstrong Patterdale! The assistant (I think he was called Oliver?) was really impressive. Genuinely interested, great product knowledge and so helpful! It's so refreshing to have genuine good service without feeling patronised or pressured at all. What an asset to your company he is! I felt the need to pass on how impressed we were. We will definitely be buying from you again in the future despite not being from the area - really loved the store, the products and of course the excellent service!

Thanks again,


Paul Cairns

5th August 2017

I just wanted to let you know that we've been going to the store inside the Woodlands Garden Centre near Hinckley for 6 months now and every time are impressed with the service there. All the staff have been very helpful as we bring our puppy along and especially from the member of staff I think is called Jack who we seem to see the most often. The staff all seem knowledgable and give good advice.


Paul, Claire and Lottie.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Hayley Weller

Sassie and Bella

30th July 2017

I would just like to thank Adam from Biggin Hill Kent store for his excellent service. I went into the store this morning asking advice for my two 8 week old kittens. He gave me advice and on worming treatment and flea treatment and feeding advice. His knowledge was excellent and I could tell he was very knowledgeable and passionate about his job. I feel I should leave a review as I was so impressed with his advice. On his recommendation I bought a few tins of Cannagans cat food and dry biscuits to try.

Thanks Hayley Weller Biggin Hill

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Lisa Weaver

6th July 2017

To whom it may concern,

I came to your store in Brighton at the garden centre on 22/06 with queries regarding food ect for my cat is 19 and recently lost weight and wasn't keeping dry food down. She looked awful. Having no idea what was available, a young members of your staff came to my aid. Her name was Kayleigh.

I can't thank Kayleigh enough ,she was extremely helpful and new her products. She didn't just try and sell me the most expensive, she went through what was available. To in to account my cats needs and what my cat was use to and what had been happening. She helped me so much. I was worried I'd be going to the vets and my cat would be put down, but I'm pleased to say that my cat is putting on weight, she is a tiny cat and 19 so she will never be huge. Her tummy now looks like a tummy. She is settled and not winning no more and now drinking plenty as well. She also showed me products for my cats ears and now my cats ears are so much better .on whole she has helped my cat maintain a stable balance with what life she has left. I'm not saying she is dying but she is 19 so she could have a year or few left but Kayleigh has certainly helped with keeping her well. She also showed me products about bine care as my cat has bad arthritis, well we think she is but don't show pain, her joints tend to poke out now and again. I have a happy cat and a happy me.

Thank you Kayleigh you were great honest and professional. You deserve a reward.

Many thanks from Lisa

Angela Day

10th June 2017

Please could you pass this message on to your director your staff at Twyford branch are the very best of the best. Nicki and Sally have been so helpfull, also your staff at Binfield Wyvale!

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Sharon, Nottinghamshire


10th June 2017

Hi, after visiting the East Bridgford store in Notts today, just wanted to reiterate what excellent and knowledgeable staff you have.

We have had excellent service previously from Natalie who worked there (now heading up your Peterborough store- well done Nat!) and had further excellent service from Martin ( and a helpful and friendly young lady whose name I can't remember, sorry!) Great advice given re help to tackle fleas in our dog, with guidance on the best products as well as educating us further on how to break the cycle. Martin was incredibly knowledgeable and recommended the best products. I have no hesitation in trusting his advice and know it's NEVER about pushing the most expensive products, it's all about what it best for the pet, as it should be. I would happily pay more for a product however as I know how well trained the staff are in their knowledge and confidence in the products they sell. This has been proved time and time again in the great results from the products we have bought there over the years.

I would never shop anywhere else for pet products and always enjoy chatting to the lovely staff.

Thanks for your continued brilliant service! Your staff are a credit to your business and seem to genuinely love their jobs!

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Abi Harman


3rd June 2017

We visited your Pets Corner in Christchurch this morning and one member of staff went over and above to help us. His name was Guy. He was so friendly, invited us in for puppy hour, collected a form for us and when we were buying something, he jumped on another till to serve another customer so they didn't have to wait. He showed huge enthusiasm for his job and I really feel he should be recognised for this.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Michelle Wise

Corporal Custard

1st June 2017

Hi I popped into one of your stores for the first time and it just happened to be the one next to the priory shop near priory farm.

I have been struggling to find something that is both good for my cat (who is a British Cream Shorthair approaching 15) and who suffers from IBS.

Everything offered to him he's found pretty unappealing or gives him tummy problems even vet reccomendations!

I feel moved so much so to drop you a line and let you know how well I was looked after by Emily and how extremely knowledgable she is.

I was looking for a kibble to accompany his wet diet of Z/D (which he's not over keen on) I was pointed in the direction of Canagan- Scottish Salmon with Herring and Trout. Welll never have I seen him love a food like that!!! I was unprepared as I am sure he was. It is wonderful to see a cat who is off his food SO keen to eat. His tummy has been fine and we are taking things slowly.

We are hoping to change his whole diet to Canagan eventually.

But... Emily was wonderful. Nothing was too much trouble. She is an asset to your company and it is because of this young lady with both her knowledge and customer care that I shall keep coming back and recommend your store.

Thank you so much.

Corporal Custard is over the moon!

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Tim Weldon


31st May 2017

Hi, I just wanted to send you an email about your store in Camberley. I don't normally send these kind of emails so I apologize if it isn't the best.

I recently bought a bearded dragon so have been visiting the Camberley store a lot, to buy Locust and Vivarium accessories as it is the closest pet store to where I work. The staff in the store are fantastic. I have spoken to several members of staff over the past few weeks and have always been greeted with a smile and they've made me feel very welcome. I have asked a couple of questions about the reptiles in store and they have been happy to answer them and help me with any inquiries.

I have been to several pet stores over the past few weeks and the staff in your store have been the best by far.

As long as the medium Locusts are readily available, I'll be shopping in that store for a long time!

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Julia McGregor


16th May 2017

Living locally to your Wantage Store and having got our first ever puppy we have visited this shop several times recently. From our first ever visit where we received the friendliest & most helpful advice from Fiona to our most recent visit, your employees at this Store have been wonderfully helpful & kind. It is very rare to find such great service in any retail shops and we have been overwhelmed with their kindness & willingness to help, especially given our first time of owning a pet.

Please would you pass on our thanks & gratitude to all of your lovely staff at this particular store, it has been very much appreciated.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Amy Millar

9th May 2017

I just wanted to make a quick comment about your assistant, Savannah, in your fleet branch. She was very helpful when I asked about senior cat food and understanding when I got upset that my cat now has kidney problems (which isn't going to get better). I just wanted to pass on my thanks to her, and suggest that she gets a little something extra in her Christmas stocking this year!

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

John Arnold

Jacille and her Guinea pigs George and Alex

29th April 2017

Fantastic customer service. To the management of Pets Corner, Hitchin, We have just purchased 2 Guinea pigs and my little girl is delighted.

Molly looked after us and told us all that we needed to know about how to look after them.

It is obvious that Molly loves animals and it seems Guinea pigs in particular. She gave us excellent customer service and must be a great asset to your business.

Well done Molly and thanks for spending all of the time with us.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Neil Garratt


18th April 2017

Fantastic service recommended my cat should use cannagan Amanda was very helpful my cat seems so happy now and has a shiny coat thank you so much

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

John Brender


12th April 2017

I must comment upon the professionalism, courtesy and knowledge of your team at Bury St Edmunds. At a time when young people receive so much criticism, yours are the exception, an absolute credit to your company.

Darren Anderson

24th March 2017

Hi, I recently bought a hutch and run from your store, and would like to thank you for an outstanding service going above and beyond what I would normally expect from a high street store. From the very polite young staff that helped us and offered us lots of advice, to bringing to hutch to my door. An absolute credit to the company name.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Catherine Williams


24th March 2017

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how well your Biggin Hill staff are doing. I wouldn't usually do this but feel like their excellent customer care should be recognised. Every time I've been in store, the staff on duty have gone far beyond what's expected to be helpful, friendly and informative. I'd like to mention Adam as being one of members of staff that has dealt with me on several occasions.

I know for a fact that these views are not only mine, as only today someone I was talking to whilst out walking my dog, was saying the very same thing.

So, a big thank you to all the staff there for providing such a lovely environment for us customers and our very loved fur babies.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

David Jamieson


11th March 2017

I asked the manager at my local Pets Corner store for your email address as I wanted to let you know what a wonderful team you have at the Marple store.

I have an ageing and poorly cat who requires a particular diet and a lot of care. Tim, Emma and Joanna could not have been more helpful in experimenting and finding the right nutrition plan from my cat and even helping me immensely on things like choice of cat litter, supplements etc

All three give incredible customer service, have great knowledge of the products in-store and a personal touch which makes it a pleasure to visit every time.

The team in Marple have given me excellent advice at different times and have even helped research different options in their own time and shared their findings with me when I next visit.

I could not ask for more as a customer and their friendly, professional service makes it a joy to visit the store.

If you are able to pass on my thanks or your company has some form of reward scheme for excellent service I would love for their excellent and extraordinary work to be acknowledged.

Congratulations and thanks for employing such an impressive and compassionate staff at the Marple store.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Steven Frost


12th February 2017

I visited your store in St Neots Note for the first time today (unfortunately it is a little hidden from view so hadn't previously spotted the store). I would just like to say how fantastic the staff were in store. They were incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and friendly, it was a pleasure to speak to them. I did not make any purchases on this occasion as did not need any food for my pet, however I will be buying my pet food from this store from now on. Thank you!

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Karen Bailey


6th February 2017

I have recently been to your store with regard to some Canagan dog food and would like to give you some feedback in respect of both food and your staff.

We have a dog who has a very sensitive tummy so we have been working our way through several brands as a process of elimination to see what works for him. Canagan was recommended by a fellow dog owner and we have found that it has suited our dog more than other dry/hypoallergenic varieties we have tried in the past. Our dog seems to favour chicken flavour, but has also been tempted to the venison. The lamb however, was a big no no !!!

Due to his sensitive tummy his "output" has been an issue, so we have combined the Canagan food with homeopathic Tree Bark Powder which seems to be doing the trick in terms of the output and also with putting some well needed weight on his bones.

Secondly, I would like to commend the staff that we have come into contact with on the occasions we have been into your store: Becky Kaser and Katie Thompson. Both girls have been extremely friendly and helpful and are a credit to your store. Both girls have extremely good customer service skills and I would like to add that in particular when talking to Becky, I was hugely impressed with her product knowledge.

Because of the service we have received, you now have customers for life!!!

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Sam Beadle


6th January 2017

I just wanted to say thank you as well. Everyone at Pets Corner Winchester is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. Being a first time dog owner, I need all the help I can get. It is great that everyone at Pets Corner seem to have a genuine love of animals.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Jane Wade


31st December 2016

I would like to draw your attention to the excellent service I have been given at your Woodbridge store. All of the assistants give good advice and patient service to my Welsh Terrier and I. Morgan goes to the puppy hour which is a wonderful institution, much enjoyed by all - dogs and owners. Today Elizabeth fitted Morgan with a harness and I have not received such kindness and service for a very long time. Thank you. It is a real pleasure to shop at your Woodbridge store.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Chloe Lipinski


16th December 2016

Hi, I popped into the store in Bicester Avenue with my partner. I’d like to pass a massive thankyou on to the staff particularly the lady who helped choose the right food for my recently rescued Chihuahua. She had a horrible tummy for a good few days and refused to eat anything I’d try her with. The gentlemen really went out of his way to help then advised us to talk to the lady that worked there. My dog loved the food from the off and her tummy settled within 2 days. I really appreciated it, so you could pass on my thanks that would be great.

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Judith Ross

Bonnie & Dougal

15th December 2016

I wanted to write to highlight the outstanding service one of your staff has given me over the last 18 months. I began visiting the Bicester store when my Jack Russell puppy was 16 weeks old. Sian has not only been full of knowledge (your staff have the best knowledge of any pet shop chain) and willingness to help, but she genuinely asks after my dogs (I now have two), remembers their names, and even made a Xmas present box for them. She mentioned she'd seen my dogs in the distance elsewhere last week and knew it was them. I know when we go into the store and Sian is there she will welcome my dogs as if they are hers, chat about what they've been up to, genuinely take an interest and go out of her way to help (helps carry stuff to my car) and if any issue offer advice e.g. recently I wanted a warmer jacket for the smaller dog Sian spent an hour trying on different jackets, sourcing different items from the store room and helping me get the best for my dog, the item I left with I knew met the dog's needs and through questioning me she elicited the right information to match the right product. All of the staff I’ve met in store are lovely but Sian's friendliness and level of interest goes beyond any expectation. I have a pragmatic approach to dog care and Sian, who clearly cares as much as she does and wants to help, is truly an asset to your company and the Bicester store and I'd like to ensure this is acknowledged at a senior level. Given the level of competition for pet product sales from national and local outlets as well as the dominance of the internet, Sian is the reason I will continue to use Pets Corner rather than go online to your competitors. This is the difference. Many thanks, Judith

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Amanda Prior

Chi Chi

12th December 2016

I just wanted to leave a comment to say that my little dog chi chi is such a fussy thing I was so worried about her so I popped in to my local pets corner in Petersfield, the staff there are fantastic so helpful, I told them the problems I have been having with Chi and they suggested piccolo food for her and I have not looked back Chi is eating again And a healthy wait. I am over the moon with the Petersfield branch For being so kind and understanding and most of all helpful

Pets Corner Customer Testimonials

Calum MacPherson


11th December 2016

Although I am not usually one to send random mails I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy using your Nutfield/Redhill Branch. The staff are always polite and helpful. Particular mentions should go to both Emily and Hannah who have helped us with our puppy since she was first in store. They appear to take great pride in their work and are always knowledgeable and helpful - credit where it is due !!

Anthony Rouse

6th October 2016

Today we went to your shop in St. Neots and was served by Kerry. As we are new to cats (our cats will not arrive till next week) Kerry was extremely patient and helpful giving us all the advice we needed. I say well done to Kerry and Pets Corner, she was very knowledgeable obviously your training is first class.

Sarah Pendleton

6th October 2016

I just wanted to say how great your store is in Salisbury,  always so friendly helpful and knowledgable. Lisa has always been so helpful when I have gone in store, thank you to Lisa with helping me with Milo and Chester and Olivia too.

Maxine Elliott

20th September 2016

1st visit to a Pets Corner store today (Sevenoaks). GREAT shop, BRILLIANTLY trained staff who were really well informed. LOVE your info about how you are different (printed brochure on the counter). Have not bought from a pet store for years BUT you have changed my mind. I will return. LOVE the enviro stories and ethical trading policy you have. PLEASE keep up the good work.

Judy Barnes

20th September 2016

I would just like to say that I have been going to the Chelmsford Branch for a few weeks now since getting a puppy and have found Kate and her team to be so helpful with excellent product knowledge and advice. I Will certainly be attending the puppy mornings as soon as Tilly’s jabs all done.