Peter & Paul Wild Bird Food

The UK's first bird mix made with NO compromise. Free from wheat and fillers and GUARANTEED to attract a greater abundance and diversity of birds to your garden.

Peter & Paul Four Seasons

Peter & Paul Four Seasons is a highly calorific mixture, blended to attract the greatest variety of small and medium sized birds to your garden. This mix contains 80% sunflower seeds the ingredient loved most, by most garden birds! They are oil-rich and high in extra energy which also delivers a boost when birds need help the most.

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Blue Tit

Peter & Paul Clean Plate

With over 60% sunflower hearts, plus lots of peanuts granules pinhead oatmeal, Peter & Paul Clean Plate provides all your garden birds with a dedicated high energy, husk free mix. Without the husks you will find that the birds love it and so will you because there is little or no clearing up to do afterwards.

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Great Spotted Woodpecker

Peter & Paul Vivid Colour

Peter & Paul Vivid Colour has been designed specifically to attract Britain's most beautiful garden birds to your feeder. The oil rich seeds in this mix will also help to enhance their colourful plumage and contains Niger Seed - in just the right proportions – making it a good mix to choose if you'd like to attract Goldfinches to your garden.

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Peter & Paul In Full Song

Peter & Paul In Full Song has been designed specifically for, as the name suggests, songbirds that prefer insect and fruit such as the Robin, Blackbird and Song Thrush. This mix is a deliciously high energy seed mix, which offers immediate, readily digestible calories and is packed full of succulent fruit, mealworms, suet pellets and the plumpest sunflower hearts.

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Peter & Paul Mealworm Mix

Peter & Paul Mealworm Mix been specifically formulated to benefit young birds, helping them to gain weight quickly and maintain them in peak condition. Bursting with high energy, protein rich and nutritious ingredient such as dried mealworm, sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal and finely chopped peanut granules, this mix will give chicks and fledglings the VERY best start in life!

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Peter & Paul Suet Range

Peter & Paul Suet products contain NO cheap fillers and are made from the highest-grade suet to provide garden birds with more energy and nutrition in every beak full! They also contain the EXCITING ingredient Spirulina! Which makes their plumage glossier, intensifies their natural colour, improves their health and increases their fertility – only the VERY best for our feathered friends!

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