Puppy Essentials

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Congratulations on the new fur baby!
We’ll guide you through everything you need
for a happy, healthy pup.

If you have any questions about puppy nutrition
one of our highly trained nutritionists can help.

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Nothing bonds an owner with their puppy more than the training process. From that first sit to practising that all important recall, we stock the best products to make learning safe, positive, and fun.

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Keeping your puppies coat shiny, soft, and healthy has never been easier. We have all the tools you need to gently introduce the grooming process, after all, all puppies deserve to be pampered.

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You never forget giving your puppy their first taste of freedom and roll in the grass. Taking your puppy out requires the most comfortable, tough and above all stylish equipment. From fashion forward collars to sturdy harnesses we have you covered.

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Your new puppy learns through play, so the best toys are essential for their development. All our toys are designed to excite through different shapes and textures, plus are made to last even against the most excited pup.

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Natural Puppy Food

Food is fuel for your ever-growing puppy and the higher quality the fuel the healthier the pup! We only stock the most specialist natural diets, which you certainly will not find at the supermarket.

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Chewing is an important behaviour to safely encourage in your pup. We have all the best chews to keep little mouths healthy and occupied. Remember to always supervise your puppy with their chews.

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Parasite Protection

Keeping your puppy parasite free does not need to be a chore. Look no further to keep your pup safe and protected.

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Calming Products

Sometimes your pup needs a little extra comfort. Being in a new home can be a little daunting, but we have plenty of products designed to keep your pup calm and relaxed.

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Tired pups need a lot of sleep after causing mischief all day. Comfort is key, so look no further than our range of super soft and practical beds.

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Every puppy deserves a treat, what better than one packed with healthy wholesome goodness? We have them for every occasion from bedtime titbits to extra special training treats.

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