Natural, sustainable insect based dog food

Food for all breeds made with Black Soldier Fly Grubs, the most digestible and sustainable form of protein on the planet. Packed with essential amino acids, fats and minerals, to give the perfect nutritional balance for your dog.

Good for the Planet

Yora Pet Food has a much smaller carbon footprint than other dog foods. This is because, by sourcing an insect based food rather than meat based, it saves the amount of CO2, land and water needed. Yora's complete recipes are 100% natural, hypoallergenic and nutritious so you can feed your dog ethically and sustainably.

Great for Dogs

Packed with essential amino acids, fats and minerals, Yora's hypoallergienic recipe is the ideal nutritional balance for dogs. As a novel protein source, insect protein is perfect for dogs with meat intolerances, allergies, sensitive stomachs and digestive issues.


We've been at the forefront of animal nutrition since 1968, and we only promote foods that are wholesome, natural and give pets everything they need for a long, healthy life. We now only sell specialist dog foods rated over 65% and cat foods over 50% on the review site petfoodexpert.co.uk.

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