Pets Corner Puppy Hour

Bring your new puppy into one of our stores for a socially distanced one-on-one adivce session and a 10% discount! *in store only

A free club for puppies to make friends

Every Saturday 9:30 – 10:30 at your local Pets Corner


We're pet owners at Pets Corner and know how exciting it is bringing a new pooch home!

We’d love you to share your new addition with us once a week at Puppy Hour.

Puppy Hour has been designed for you and your pup to enjoy a safe place to socialise with other puppies and new puppy owners alike. We have knowledgeable staff on hand to give advice on puppy care, support and very importantly puppy cuddles on demand!

Join in the fun!

Meet other puppy owners and socialise your pup under 18 weeks, try out puppy products and get expert puppy advice

10% off all purchases during Puppy Hour*
plus a FREE treat!

At Pets Corner we strive to achieve a safe and welcoming environment for puppies and their owners. With this is mind, it's recommended that puppies attending Puppy Hour have completed their vaccination program before attending. This should be discussed with your vet, who will be able to advise when it is safe to begin socialising your puppy with other dogs.

Puppy Hour happens in every store every Saturday. Some stores run an additional session on a Tuesday. Your local store will be able to tell you about any other Tuesday sessions. *10% discount can only be given between 09.30 and 10.30 on designated Puppy Hours. The discount can only be given on products for the puppy that is in attendance and providing they are under 18 weeks of age. Discount cannot be given on items already on offer.


There are 3 different areas to suit your pup

Shy Puppy

Quiet and Shy

for younger doggies and those who prefer to be out of the hustle and bustle.

Happy Puppies

Free Play

Allowing the pups controlled freedom, enabling the practice of recall as well as play and reward.

Puppy on lead

On The Lead

Which allows safe and controlled introduction of the puppies plus the perfect place for practicing heel and obedience training.

The Home of Natural Pet Food

Get expert nutritional advice from our classroom trained staff to help your puppy get the best start to life.

Fit & Healthy

With our Health Club initiative we can help you create a healthy eating and exercise plan from the start, to provide your pup with a longer, fuller life.

Try Out Products

Try out our favourite puppy toys before you buy, get to know your puppies likes and dislikes.

Special Guests

Special guests with expert puppy knowledge to give you a little extra helping hand. Keep an eye out in store for ask for details.