Our Family Business History

Petscorner First Shop
our first shop... we’ve come a long way!

August 12, 1968

1968 was a very important year in world history. The first manned orbit of the moon, the Beatles recorded “Hey Jude”, the hippie movement was on the wane, and most importantly Mark and Sandra Richmond opened a small pet shop in Haywards Heath.

Coming from a farming background, they took their knowledge and love of animals, and turned the first Pets Corner into a local hub for animal lovers.

Mark, Sandra and a young Dean
Mark, Sandra and a young Dean

The 70s

Mark and Sandra spent the 70s working hard, raising their family as well as countless chickens, cats, dogs and other animals that their kids brought home...

Oh we do like to be beside the sea!

August 12, 1983

1983 saw the launch of the second Pets Corner store in George Street, Hove.

Even at this early stage of our development, we took pride in selling the best quality products. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff were already offering good advice to customers on food types to suit the individual needs of their pets; core values that remain to this day.

Probably worth a few quid now!


To earn a bit of extra pocket money, Dean started building rabbit runs and bird feeders by hand in his parent’s garage. “Back then pet products weren’t particularly well made, and Dean saw a gap in the market for some hand made British craftsmanship!”

Dean used to work on the tills
Dean used to work on the tills and Charman dressed like a snooker player

April 2, 1992

A young Dean and Charman (Dean’s friend and business partner) ran our third store in Brighton which trialled a new concept of operating as a concession located within a garden centre.

Building on the work of Sandra and Mark Richmond, Dean and Charman worked hard to cement Pets Corner as the destination for quality pet products with qualified advice from knowledgeable staff. This became the foundation of The Pets Corner Difference.

Pets Corner Team
Our amazing team has started to grow, many are still with us today as senior management!


1994. Currently the site of our headquarters, Crawley was store number four. From this base, we went on to launch more and more stores to keep up with the demand for better quality pet products. This site is also the location of our main staff training centre for the South East.

Our amazing team was beginning to grow and many faces seen here are still with us today as senior management!

Ethical Breeder


Our staff training and animal practices are by now the best in the industry as the only chain of pet stores offering pet birth certificates, a 21 day Health Guarantee and Sex Guarantee which is still unmatched to this day!

We continue to pride ourselves on having the very best animal welfare practices in the industry however we are always looking for further ways to improve. Learn more here.

Looking for our next challenge


Looking for our next challenge, and looking at all the waste produced by the pet industry we turned our attention to the environment.

We’ve come a very long way since then and use LED lighting in all our stores, only buy renewable electricity and recycle over 95% of our waste

Learn more here.

Petscorner Awards

2014 & 2015

In 2014 we were delighted to be awarded with ‘Pet Retailer of the Year’ from the Pet Industry Federation which we’ve since won again in 2015 and 2016! Our animal welfare work was also rewarded by Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund.

Pets CPR
Don’t worry, it’s just a puppet!


We became the only UK based retailer to begin a training programme to ensure all of our staff receive training in both animal and human first aid and CPR. Fingers crossed our staff won’t have to use it, but you’re in safe hands if they do.

Pet Practice Milton Keynes
Pet Practice Milton Keynes


Ben Johnson’s Pet Practice joins the Pets Corner group to enable us to combine our shops with his well respected veterinary surgeries.

A newly refurbished Pampurred Pets site in Burgess Hill
A newly refurbished Pampurred Pets site in Burgess Hill

May 2016

Pampurred Pets was a chain of pet stores that shared Pets Corner’s vision and values, so we decided to team up, making us the second largest chain of pet stores in the country (but arguably the best).

Dogwood Pet Grooming Spa opens in Camberley
Dogwood Pet Grooming Spa opens in Camberley


The UK’s first Natural Pet Grooming Spa opens in Camberley with over 70 more planned in existing Pets Corner stores


The not-too-distant future…

Natural Habitat

Building a new hub in a natural habitat

As Pets Corner continues to grow and we look to develop more natural ethical products, we will need a new home for our Head Office to operate from. Checkout our plans to create a central environmentally-responsible Hub that shares all our ideals.