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What makes us different?

13 September 2018

Being a pet retailer places us in a responsible position, and it’s a role we take very seriously. The business developed from, and is driven by, a love of animals, and this motivation to do our best for them remains as strong today as it was 50 years ago at the beginning of Pets Corner.

The way we develop the company, run our operations and select our products is guided by a belief in the importance of an ethical, environmental and educational stance. Whilst this is easy to claim, our actions need to speak louder than our words. So what makes us different?

Pets aren’t for profit

First and foremost, we believe in selling pets the right way. This means that making money from the sale of our animals isn’t our objective. We don’t make a profit from mammal sales because we pay more for them than any other pet store in the UK. We only work with ethical breeders who are able to provide the necessary space, care, food and love required to raise happy and healthy animals who will become loving pets.

Preparing a home

Once our animals are old enough they move from the family breeders into our care. So before they become your pets, they’re ours first. All our staff feel passionately about the importance of this job and that’s something you’ll notice when you go into any of our stores. Our animal units are squeaky clean. All our pets enjoy daily exercise, grooming and plenty of cuddles from our team.

Pet care supported by knowledge

One unique aspect of our business is the level of training we offer our staff members. We’re the only pet retailer in the UK to classroom train all our employees, so they can give you the right advice when it comes to animal nutrition, health and behaviour. When you come into our stores you can rest assured that the guidance we give you is informed by our own Pets Corner curriculum of over 400 different training documents. We also have a team of expert trainers, each with their own specialism – from wild birds to all things aquatic!

Minimising our footprint

Hand in hand with an ethical and educational focus, we also strive to make our company as green as possible. It’s our belief that businesses have a responsibility to limit their impact on the environment, which is why we get our electricity from GoodEnergy who use clean, eco-friendly sources.

One of our most successful initiatives is our work towards minimising the waste from our shops and we’re pleased to say that we are now Zero to Landfill which means all our waste, from food to cardboard boxes, is re-used or recycled! In today’s climate it’s down to retailers to lead by example and take positive action to tackle these issues, so we’re determined to carry on doing our bit for the planet.

If you haven’t been in recently, stop by one of our stores and take a look at the products we offer. You’ll notice a common theme – goods that are natural, biodegradable and free from additives.

Want to find out more? Make sure you chat to our friendly staff and you’ll experience for yourself what makes us different. Visit our storefinder to find your nearest branch.