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Insect Protein is a novel protein, so it’s great for sensitive pets.


Quality with Values

Made with more insects and higher joint support

Many brands use insect protein, but Yora does it best. Blended with 36% fresh and dried insect alongside Omega 3-rich insect oil and supportive joint care. A novel protein food that’s perfect for allergy prone dogs.

30% Insect

(15% Meal, 15% Freshly Prepared)

36% Insect

(28% Meal, 8% Freshly Prepared)

Over 30% Insect
Uses Insect Oil
Over 1000mg/kg
Joint Care

Cost per day based on UK average dog size of 15kg.

Based on FEDIAF feeding guidelines. Grub Club All Day Buffet 12kg £79.99 rrp, Yora Grain Free Adult £99.99 rrp. Prices correct 07.06.2024

The best food of it's kind at an incredible price



per day



per day



per day



per day

Feeding Yora All Breed from a 12kg bag at the recommended daily amount.

Insects support your pets inside and out

Yora's insects have unique health benefits that can make them superior to traditional meat. Insects are perfect for sensitive pets who struggle with upset stomachs, as they aid in promoting healthy gut flora to improve digestive health. They're 100% hypoallergenic, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to boost the immune system and improve skin health. These tasty grubs also have a unique blend of healthy fats which can help reduce cholesterol and guard against dementia!

Carbon zero without the greenwashing

Many pet foods claim to be sustainable when their main ingredient is meat or soy. Yora has less than half the footprint of traditional pet foods, is proudly carbon-neutral and offers exceptional nutrition. With traditional plant diets providing less nutrition and impacting the planet more, vegan, and vegetarian pet owners are choosing Yora as a healthier and greener alternative.

Insect protein is recommended by vets

Meat proteins are the number 1 cause of food intolerances. The British Veterinary Association is fully behind insect protein for customers looking for an eco-friendly option for their pets or as part of a novel protein hypo-allergenic diet.

For dogs and cats with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues, Yora’s grubs are even easier to digest than chicken!

The tastiest way to help the planet!

Yora’s insects have a fraction of the environmental pawprint of traditionally farmed meat, This is why vegan and vegetarian pet owners are choosing Yora as a healthier alternative to a plant-based diet.
The best bit thing about Yora is cats and dogs LOVE the taste!

Rated excellent on Pet Food Expert

Not only great for the planet, Yora is great nutrition for your pets, scoring a fantastic 80% - 86% on PetFoodExpert™. PetFoodExpert™ is a 100% unbiased grading system for pet food.


Dean, George & Coco Approved

"I would never feed one of my pets something I wouldn’t be willing to eat myself, fortunately that means you don’t have to!"

Dean Signature

Founder of Pets Corner

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