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For more than 10 years our stores have been powered and heated by renewable electricity, provided by the great British climate.

Our stores and warehousing are all super energy efficient, and we re-use or recycle all of our waste. This leaves us with a small amount of carbon to offset every year with various amazing re-forestry projects around the world.


Our carbon savings

In a year, we save 1,493 tonnes of carbon through our carbon-saving practices. This is the equivalent of:

Driving a diesel car 1406 times around the world

Flying 1493 passengers from Paris to New York

Powering 171 homes for an entire year

Our carbon savings are calculated by Sustainable Advantage.

Our carbon savings

Pets Corner funds reforestation projects in Colombia, Zimbabwe, and Cambodia. At the same time as helping capture carbon in the atmosphere, these schemes also help protect biodiversity and threatened local species.


Greener stores for the planet and the local community

When we fit out our new stores, we try to create a space our local community can be proud of. We strive to always make them as sustainable as possible for future generations.

Our stores are truly green inside and out. We plant beautifully scented jasmine climbers to decorate our outside walls, providing a refuge for bees, birds, and other UK wildlife.

Renewable energy

We buy our electricity from green energy suppliers; it costs us more but causes much less pollution than fossil-fuelled heating.

Passive heat & cold

We over-insulate to keep our stores cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. Using sustainable building materials like natural cork render.

Homes for humans

Most businesses are content to leave the rooms above their shops empty. We’d rather make them into lovely homes to help benefit the neighbourhood.

Natural borders

Rather than cold, unattractive metal fences and walls, where possible we plant hedges to create neighbourly separation. We also create delightful green rockery rather than using big concrete bollards.


Habitats for birds

Loss of hedgerows, changes in woodland management and increasing urbanisation have contributed to the decline of natural nesting sites for native birds. We always make sure to include species-appropriate nesting boxes among the greenery at our stores.


Greener from our door to yours

Our brand new warehouse based in Handcross, West Sussex opened early 2020 which follows our Green ethos. We use renewable energy from Solar Panels for our lighting/heating, electric charging points and we proudly give zero to landfill.

Our fleet of lorries are Mercedes Actros 18t vehicles which have ultra-low emissions and a EURO IV standard engine. This makes them incredibly fuel efficient and at the highest current standard for low fuel emissions.



The world’s most sustainable pet food

We funded the world’s first sustainable dog food, Yora. At Pets Corner, we have always had the environment and animal welfare at the heart of our business, pushing us to develop the first super premium pet food made using insect protein.



Why throw it away when you can

give it away?

Each year we give over thirty-eight tonnes of unwanted, unsold, or damaged pet food and products to local charities.

We also donate 2% of our profits to charity. Find out more here.

*Where we are in control of our electricity supply.

Quality With Values

Caring for pets, owners & our community