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The Natural Pet Grooming Spa

Watch our video to see what your dog can expect with a trip to Dogwood!


Dogwood is a Natural Pet Grooming Spa at a Pets Corner near you. Your pet will be loved by Dogwood’s staff in a clean and safe environment. Rest assured that your dog's groom will be finished to an exceptionally high standard.


Personalised Packages

Dogwood understands that every pet that visits their spa is an individual, and tailors their services to suit each and every pet. They can advise on general coat care and grooming products, as well as recommend a grooming schedule to maintain your pet’s stylish appearance.

Expert Equipment

Dogwood’s equipment has been specifically chosen from the highest quality available on the market, with safety and comfort for both your pet and their staff in mind. They can’t wait to welcome you and your pet, and share the Dogwood experience with you.

Win a £20 Voucher

Win a £20 Dogwood & Pets Corner voucher at your second groom when you snap a picture in the photo-booth. Share your selfie on Facebook or Instagram with #DogwoodSelfie for your chance to win in their monthly draw!

Proof is in the pampering

Jade & Inca the Poodle

Inca loves coming to Dogwood for a pamper, she always gets such a fuss made of her. She has the breed standard trim which requires hand scissoring, this way the stylists can achieve a beautiful finish. She always looks amazing after her groom!

Proof is in the pampering

Jade & Barry the Boston Terrier

Barry is always so excited when we get to Dogwood. It's so important that his face is cleaned properly to prevent skin issues, the Dogwood staff always use the blueberry facial wash to give him a deep clean. He always comes out so shiny, I would never take him anywhere else for grooming.

Proof is in the pampering

Matthew & Millie the Westie

Millie loves to be pampered and I can't recommend them highly enough! Millie always looks amazing after having her Dapper Dog package and blueberry facial. We are very lucky to have found Dogwood Spa for Millie's first experience, and onwards for many years to come!

Dog Grooming FAQ

The amount of dog grooming needed will differ between breeds and individuals, the price of grooming will vary dependant on this. It is important to research what grooming needs your dog has and make sure it fits in with your budget and lifestyle.

A large breed full groom is equivalent to getting a takeaway coffee every working day for only six weeks. Not much for a squeaky clean, comfortable and fabulous looking pooch!

Dog grooming is about more than having a clean lovely smelling pooch, although this is certainly a huge benefit! By getting your dog groomed regularly you can maintain your pet’s specific coat type, and this presents an opportunity to check their fur and skin for any issues. Plus of course a regular pamper will give your dog neatly trimmed nails, clean ears, no hair hanging in eyes and get rid of all that pesky shed.

When dropping your dog off at Dogwood, you have an opportunity to speak to a trained professional and ask any questions you may have. The Dogwood team can also teach you how best to maintain your pet’s coat between grooms. Pets Corner also stock the same natural organic shampoo used in the salons, so you can keep them smelling lovely until their next visit!

Dogwood are an eco-friendly dog and cat salon that specialises in using natural, gentle and sustainably sourced products. Not only do they use the best quality, the organic shampoos and sprays are made right here in the UK.

Dogwood eco salons pride themselves in using naturally derived and sustainably sourced shampoos and sprays made in the UK but also eco-friendly cleaning products throughout its stores behind the scenes.

You can buy Dogwood grooming shampoos, conditioner and sprays online to maintain your dog's appearance in-between grooms. Take a look at the range here.

The trained Dogwood professional groomer in each salon will be able to assess your dog’s coat and condition, and can discuss with you as to what will work with your preferences and lifestyle.

Every dog is different, but we will be sure to find a groom and cut that suits. We offer a vast range of treatments and packages personalised to your dogs needs, indluding the following services.

Spa Packages:

1. Puppy Pamper Package - Grooming is a major part of your dog’s wellbeing, and we recommend that you introduce the spa experience at an early age.

2. Shortie Package - Tailored for short haired dogs, the Shortie includes two washes in one of our Dogwood natural shampoos, specifically chosen to compliment your dog’s skin and coat.

3. Mini Makeover Package - Designed to maintain your dog’s stylish appearance in between full grooms, the Mini Makeover includes two washes in one of our Dogwood natural shampoos.

4. Dapper Dog Package - A nose to tail styling session, the Dapper Dog includes two washes in one of our Dogwood natural shampoos, chosen to compliment your dog’s skin and coat, followed by a fluff dry and brush out, with hygiene areas, ears and nails attended to.

5. Hand Stripping Service - Available on wire and silky coated dogs, this specialist service helps to maintain your dog’s coat texture and colour.

Yes we offer a range of extra treats which can be added on to any package for a tailor-made experience for your dog.

Extra treats:

1. De-tangly - A deep conditioning treatment containing organic coconut extracts is massaged into your dog’s coat, followed by a warm towel wrap.

2. Nose & Toes - This luxurious treatment contains all natural ingredients - Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Seed Butter and Vitamin E which offer natural antiseptic and moisturising properties.

3. Conditioning Treatment - A coconut based conditioning treatment to add nourishment to the coat. Suitable for all coat types.

4. Twinkly Teeth - Help to preserve your dog’s pearly whites with our Twinkly Teeth treatment. The natural gel contains a proprietary blend of baking soda, natural plant enzymes and peppermint oil, and controls germs that cause bad breath and plaque.

5. Blueberry Facial - Gently massaged around the face, this blueberry based treatment is kind to the eyes and ears.

Yes we offer a selection of walk-in services, where possible, to keep up your dog's appearance in-between full grooms. It's always best to give us a call to avoid disappointment but we will always try to accommodate you.

Walk-in Services:

1. Nail clipping

2. Nail clip & paw balm

3. Ear care - Ears plucked and cleaned

4. Nail and ear package

5. Dry face trim - Eyes cleaned, followed by a facial brush out and light trim

A professional Dogwood groomer will often groom a dog based around their lifestyle. Every dog is very different, and we will always tailor to both the dog and owner. Following a discussion about maintenance, previous grooming experience (if applicable) and how the coat is upkept at home, the groomer can make sure that the dogs grooming style is manageable around your lifestyle.

Those dogs that LOVE jumping into water and running through muddy woods will often be given a shorter cut to stop dirt sticking to the coat and to keep them dry. Those dogs that prefer to stick to path not the muddy track and those owners that have time to brush daily will generally be given a longer coat.

With every visit, the customer can relay how their experience has been with the current style and their preferences and adjustments can be made accordingly.

Find Your Nearest Pet Grooming Spa

The tranquillity of Dogwood has proved to be a positive experience for all dogs, even those of a nervous nature, and provides the perfect location to introduce young puppies to the professional grooming process.

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