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Highly digestible and palatable cat food, for complete body nourishment


Quality with Values

The sensible choice for sensitive cats

We prefer Sense6 Sensitive because it has prebiotics, for improved gut flora which aids digestion and boosts the immune system. It also has cranberry to support urinary health.

Unknown % Meat

32% Meat

(26% fresh, 16% dried)

Over 30% Meat
Named Meat Source
Salmon Oil

Cost per day based on UK average dog size of 15kg.

Based on FEDIAF feeding guidelines. Royal Canin Sensible 2kg £28.99 rrp, Sense6 Sensitive 2kg £22.99 rrp. Prices correct on 08.04.24

Palatability guaranteed

Your cat has a real sixth sense which is powered by their Jacobson’s Organ - a powerful collection of sensory cells used by cats to sense pheromones, food and prey in their environment. Sense6 has been specially formulated to appeal to this unique sense, making it perfect for discerning felines.

Complete balanced ingredients

A highly digestible blend of meat and vegetable proteins combine to give a full amino acid profile which will keep your cat at peak condition. Using the latest advances in feline dietary science, Sense6 offers cats full body nourishment. Cleaner teeth, a glossy coat and good joint health are just a few of the benefits of the balanced, nutritional kibble.

Rated excellent on Pet Food Expert

Sense6 scores 50% - 56% on PetFoodExpert™, reaching our high standards for nutrition, where many similar foods fall short. PetFoodExpert™ is a 100% unbiased grading system for pet food.


Dean, George & Coco Approved

"I would never feed one of my pets something I wouldn’t be willing to eat myself, fortunately that means you don’t have to!"

Dean Signature

Founder of Pets Corner

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