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5 Tips For Travelling With Your Pet

Published date: 28 February 2024

With summer officially here, many of us will be looking forward to retreating to our favourite UK holiday destination.

With 22 million dogs and cats currently kept as pets in the UK, we are truly a nation of pet lovers. So, understandably many owners wish to bring their pets along with them on their travels.

Pets shouldn’t miss out on the summer fun, however there are certainly some things to consider. To help you have the perfect summer getaway, here are 5 tips for travelling with pets:

1) Plan the Journey

Preparation is key for both you and your pet! If travelling by car, ensure you take lots of toilet/rest breaks and make sure your furry friend is suitably hydrated.

Regardless if you are travelling with a fabulous feline or a doggy companion, remember to abide by Highway Code Rule 57. All animals must be suitably restrained to avoid distraction to the driver.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to keeping animals safe in the car. Crates and hammocks are often a popular choice and can help make journeys a lot more comfortable.

With crates it is essential to have the correct size to avoid discomfort. For help with sizing, check out our Guide to Crates.

Psssst: Cats are likely to get very anxious if their carrier moves around too much, so try and keep it secured and locked in place.

2) Keep Pets Calm

An extra source of support is always worthwhile when travelling with animals. Car journeys, being in unfamiliar places and seeing new things can all trigger anxiety and stress.

There are many different calming options to choose from. Pheromone products are usually ideal for long term support, however there are sprays that can be used inside crates/ carriers for travelling.

Of course, no road trip or holiday would be complete without a few treats… Calming treats are tasty AND help to keep pets more relaxed. Yora Dreamers and McAdams Awards are tasty snacks that are packed with calming botanicals such as Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Passiflora.

For help with selecting the best calming product, read our Guide to Choosing a Calming Treatment.

3) Keep Details Up to Date

Check your pet’s microchip and ID Tag are up to date before you head off on your adventure. Should your dog go for a walkabout in unfamiliar woods, this will make it easier for someone to reunite you.

By law all dogs are required to be microchipped and wear an ID tag with appropriate details. Failure to do this can result in a hefty fine and it will make your dog less safe when on walks. Tags must include the name and address of the owner and an additional phone number is strongly recommended.

Did you know from June 2024 cats will also legally have to be microchipped? Now is the best time to get them chipped, keep them safer and comply with upcoming law.

Psst: Did you know our stores offer tag engraving? Find your local Pets Corner here.

4) Get Details for Local Vets

Whether you are venturing to a seaside town or going somewhere more rugged and remote, it is worth being aware of nearby help.

Research local veterinary clinics, emergency vets and just in case nearby hospitals and make a note of their contact details. To be extra safe store any emergency vet numbers in your phone AND keep a hard copy! Just in case your phone battery decides to shut down…

5) Plan trips around your Pet!

If you are taking your pet out for walks and adventures, make sure to check what areas are dog and cat friendly. Many pubs, beaches and walks are fine with our furry friends tagging along; however, it is always worth researching beforehand.

The Good Dog Directory is a compendium of dog and pet friendly places to visit. Best British Dog Walks is an owner reviewed page dedicated to finding the best places to take your pets. From seaside strolls to wild woodland walks, there are many picturesque places to visit in the UK with your best furry friend.

Remember to stock up on all your essential travel supplies before heading off on your holiday.

Have a wonderful and safe summer adventure!