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5 Tips for Happy Cats

Published date: 06 March 2024

Cats can be easily stressed when things aren’t right in their environment. There are five areas of care that need to be considered to help cats feel happy and comfortable in their environment.

The choice to be solitary

Remember our cats are solitary animals, they should always have the freedom to get away from busy areas of the house. It is essential cats should be able to choose when they wish to socialise.

Always provide your cat with safe, cosy and peaceful places to retreat to, such as cat baskets and hideaways.

Space to roam and exercise

Did you know cats can jump approximately 9 times their own height?

Our feline friends are naturally athletic hunters, and they should be given the opportunity to exhibit this natural behaviour. Playtime, interaction, and exciting toys play a big part in making sure cats are happy at home and feel fulfilled.

For more help on how to get the most out of playtime, read our Guide to Playing with Cats.

Ability to Scratch

Scratching is a natural and very important behaviour for our felines.

Regular scratching helps keep their joints mobile, aids flexibility and helps reduce stress by releasing tension in the body. Much like us having a big stretch! Cats also use scratching to pheromone mark, this is leaving behind chemical messages on their home and surroundings.

Scratching ultimately makes cats feel relaxed and safe in their environment. Every cat should ideally have access to 2 or 3 strong scratching posts in their home.

Remember the more scratchers you have, the less chance of sharp claws on your furniture…

Clean eating and drinking options

Our cats are naturally hygienic creatures and will always prefer to eat and drink from clean bowls away from strong smells.

Make sure their bowls are kept clean and separated away from smellier areas such as the toilet and their own litter tray. A cat’s water source should also be kept away from their food. The smell from their dinner can contaminate their water dish, putting them off drinking!

If your cat is reluctant to drink it is worth investing in a cat water fountain. The sound and freshness of the water is much more appealing to feline senses.

A clean and safe place to toilet

Just like us, cats need somewhere safe and secure to do their business.

Litter trays should always be available to every cat, so there is always somewhere safe to go. Litter cleanliness is essential, no one likes using a dirty toilet!

For more help with litter, watch our Litter Tray Location video and our Tips on Transitioning Litter video.

Keep in mind that better quality litter will be less expensive and keep your cats litter tray much more cleaner and more hygienic.

Written by Lucy Marcham

Lucy teaches all aspects of the Pets Corner curriculum and specialises in animal nutrition, ensuring that our staff have the right knowledge and understanding of pet diets to assist customers with confidence and care.