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3 Easy Tips for Fitting A Dog Collar

Published date: 29 February 2024

A collar is an essential piece of kit for most dog owners.

Here are some expert and easy-to-follow tips for getting the perfect fit.

Fit to the Middle

Collars should typically be fitted to the middle of the neck.

Always remember to double-check the tightness. If the collar is too loose it can come over the dog’s head or can rub and catch on things. If the collar is too tight it will be uncomfortable and may hurt the dog’s skin.

Remember the 2 Finger Rule! Collars should be fitted so two fingers can fit underneath flat against the skin.

Consider the Width

The width of the collar is important for ensuring a comfortable fit.

If the collar is too wide, it may restrict the dogs’ movement. This will result in an uncomfortable pooch. Collars that are too thin can dig into dogs’ necks causing pain and irritation. Dogs with poorly fitted collars are much more likely to ignore commands and be less receptive to training on walks.

All collars should be wide enough and fitted well to give support to the neck. In the case of sighthounds (such as Greyhounds, Whippets etc) it is essential to make sure the collar is appropriate for their unique size neck.

Consider the Material

Of course, dogs should always look as stylish as possible.

However, there is another consideration to be made with collar design. Lifestyle plays a huge part in collar longevity and suitability.

For dogs that enjoy rolling in puddles and swimming it is essential to pick a material that cleans and dries easily. Neoprene collars and walkwear are best for dogs that enjoy getting soggy! These collars can also be the softest and best option for hairless or thin-coated dogs.

For those dogs who enjoy later or evening walks, it is worth investing in an LED Rechargeable Collar to keep them safe. Or try the Glow Collar and Lead range, these reflective collars and leads will help you keep a close eye on your furry friend.

Remember by law dogs are required to wear a collar and ID tag when out in a public place. Watch our video guide on ID Tags for more help.

For more support finding the perfect fit, head over to your local Pets Corner. Our Academy Trained Staff offer a free fitting service.

Browse our range of stylish and durable collars, leads and harnesses.