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We only stock the best. Every single product we sell has been selected for quality, craftsmanship & longevity. They may cost a little more, but last much longer and save you money in the long run!

Find out what makes our rubber balls bounce higher than the rest...

99% natural rubber

All dogs deserve a game of fetch at playtime. Our balls contain 99% natural rubber! This is more than double the amount found in our competitors, so our rubber dog balls are stronger, bouncier, and last longer.


Good for the planet, even better for dogs!

Our Frogg™ dog toys are made with sustainable rubber to help protect forests against deforestation.

These eco-friendly interactive toys and feeders have been designed by canine behaviourists to keep dogs mentally stimulated, relieve boredom and bring them joy!


Hand made with care

The Green Elk range has been created with a focus on sustainability and durability. Natural suede based toys filled with coco fibre and 100% compostable poop bags make Green Elk a go-to brand for sustainability.


Stronger wild bird feeders

Many wild bird feeders are made from flimsy weak materials that fall apart in the garden. Great&Small bird feeders are tougher, easier to fill and last longer, to save you money.


Tested by a million paws

Cats need to scratch, so save your favourite furniture and treat them to a sturdy scratcher from Great&Small. They’re made with strong poles, heavy padded bases and are the only cat scratchers to come with a 1 Year Workmanship Guarantee.


Let sleeping dogs lie on British made beds

When it comes to comfort, style and value, the Paws&Snores pet bed range ticks all the boxes. Handmade in the UK by expert craftsmen, these beds are machine washable and easily outlast inferior brands.


Stainless steel feeding bowls

Our stainless-steel pet bowls are 40% thicker and stronger than competitors. Meaning you get more steel for your money and a tougher, longer lasting bowl.


Tougher rope toys that are grr-eat

Our rope toys are made with 100% natural cotton and have thinner strands and a tighter weave to ensure they last longer.


Brands that share our ethical values

Meet the faces behind some of our favourite brands sold at Pets Corner who're making a difference.

For a greater diversity of birds in your garden

Created by our very own Danny Yeoman, a bird lover and self-confessed ‘twitcher’, Peter & Paul is the UK’s first wild bird mix that’s 100% nutritious, and free from wheat, barley and fillers.

Danny started bird spotting as a young boy in his grandparents’ garden and is a lifelong member of the RSPB and Kent Wildlife Trust.


The only dry pet food made with free range chicken from RSPCA Assured farms

When Neil McAdam launched his company in 2016, he wanted to create ethical pet food made with high-welfare meat. He came to us with this fabulous idea, and we jumped at the chance to be his first stockist! Since then, Neil has changed the lives of dogs and cats with his delicious 100% free range *RSPCA Assured chicken and turkey foods. Made with the finest natural ingredients and free from grain and meat meal.


*Every pack of McAdams Baked complete sold in the UK will raise funds to support the RSPCA’s vital work. McAdams have pledged a minimum of £80,000 to the RSPCA in the first year of their partnership.

Insect powered superfood

Pets Corner's designer Tom Neish loves dogs, but realised that their carnivorous diets aren't great for the planet. So he created Yora, the world's most sustainable pet food, made with insect protein. Insects have a much smaller carbon pawprint than traditional meat and Yora's nutritious grubs are better for pets than the meat in most pet foods! So far Yora's #yoraexplorers have saved over eleven million kilograms of carbon!


Quality With Values

Caring for pets, owners & our community