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We love all animals, and we make it possible to feed your pet as ethically as you feed yourself. We’ve helped some of the world’s best high welfare pet foods get their start in life with recipes featuring meadow reared lamb, free range chicken and even insect protein!

Some of our leading high welfare brands

Chicken & Turkey from RSPCA Assured farms

McAdams is the ONLY pet food with 100% free range RSPCA Assured chicken and turkey in their foods. Plus every bag sold raises funds for the RSPCA’s vital work.


100% free-range chicken

Canagan uses Free Range chicken lovingly reared in Norfolk, England. Every bowl is crafted to replicate the ancestral diet of your pet, with a high meat content, and the finest locally sourced ingredients.


The world's first insect based pet food

Yora is the world’s most sustainable pet food. Made with insect protein, Yora is the nutritious and ethical way to support the planet. Insects are raised humanely and have a much smaller carbon pawprint than traditional meat.


Keeping up with the times...

Pet foods that were considered the best 10 years ago have been leapfrogged by new comers to the market as quality continues to improve. Our experts live and breathe pet food, and we're always on the look out for the next best thing for you and your pet.

With so many foods on the market, everyone has an opinion about which foods are best. That's why we created Pet Food Expert.

Pet Food Expert

For Food Facts, Not Opinion

At our site, we have had popular foods independently tested, and quizzed manufacturers on information such as ingredient quality, digestibility and allergen levels, as well as the ethical credentials of the manufacturers themselves.

Pet Food Expert Ipad


Health Club

The majority of our stores offer a completely free Health Club service, which you can sign up to for as long as you like.

As part of our team's in-depth nutritional training they can advise you on how to help your pet gain or lose weight and recommend the right food to achieve this.

Many of our customers have found it to be the ideal solution for managing their pets' weight and enjoy the regular ‘weigh-ins' and advice they receive from our staff. Your pet will even receive a healthy treat from us too!

Find your nearest store here.

Meet The Experts

We've been advising customers on the best choice of pet foods since 1968 and have spent years developing a full pet care and nutrition curriculum. Find out more about the entire Pets Corner family in this short film:

Quality With Values

Caring for pets, owners & our community