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We've been at the forefront of animal nutrition since 1968, and only promote foods that are wholesome, natural and give pets everything they need for a long, healthy life.

The foods we sell are the best quality and with all the extra supportive ingredients they are better value too!


With meatier foods
you feed less

With more real meat, better quality foods are more ‘nutritionally dense’ which means your dog absorbs more goodness into their body.

‘Cheap’ foods use lower-grade ingredients, which means you feed 20-30% more every day. They are not nearly as cost-effective as they seem!


Lower quality foods have lower quality ingredients

Good quality foods have much more meat, honestly named e.g. ‘chicken meal’ or ‘fresh chicken’ so you know exactly what they’re getting. Plus, higher quality, more digestible carbs, which means smaller firmer stools!

Lower quality pet foods are made with unspecified ‘meat’ meals or ‘animal derivatives’ - these are the lowest grade scraps of chicken, lamb, beef and pork.

Lower Quality Food

27% Unspecified Meats

Good Quality Food

50% Chicken


No need for supplements with baked-in goodness

Better quality foods are packed with healthy fats and vitamins, and all of our trusted dry foods have extras like joint care supplements and salmon oil baked into every bite.

So you can save money on expensive supplements.

No Supplements


Get more for your money with better quality foods...

Double the meat of Burns for less.

There are other meat and rice based foods, but Greenacres packs in more meat and premium ingredients, and is even better value than the bigger brands.


Science based nutrition with over 5 times more meat.

The most popular vet diets have as little as 10% meat. More™ has been specially developed to offer cats and dogs a vet approved diet that is better than the competition in every way.


The UK’s finest grain free food offers lots more for a few extra pence.

Canagan created the first and best ancestral grain free food. It has 8x more fresh meat, plus joint care supplements, salmon oil for condition and lots more...


The only pet food made with ethical meat.

McAdams is gently baked at a low temperature and made with free range, ethical meat from farms they know and trust. Blended with the finest natural ingredients, with joint care and carefully selected fruit and vegetables.


Complete body nourishment & guaranteed palatability.

Using the latest advances in feline dietary science, Sense6 offers cats full body nourishment. Cleaner teeth, a glossy coat and good joint health are just a few of the benefits of the balanced, nutritional kibble.


Discover all our Trusted Foods and find the best food for your pet.


Quality With Values

Caring for pets, owners & our community