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We believe that all businesses have a responsibility to give back to the communities around them. As an ethical British business, we pay all our taxes and give 2% of our annual profits to worthy causes every year.

Pets Corner lorry outside store

Whilst many of the large supermarket chains will throw away damaged or unwanted pet food, we see this as a terrible waste!

If a bag of food is unsaleable because it’s a bit battered, or has been returned uneaten as part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, then we'll donate the food to a local animal charity – we give more than 38 tonnes of unsaleable food and products to charities each year.


Here are just some of the wonderful local & national charities we support

Canine Partners

Meet the wonder dogs at Canine Partners!

Canine Partners creates life-changing partnerships for disabled people across the UK with highly trained assistance dogs that specifically meet their needs.

Over the last 10 years, with your support, we have donated a fantastic £164,932.39.

Canine Partners

The money raised goes towards supporting disabled people all over the UK, like Sean who has Multiple Sclerosis. His canine partner Lucas totally transformed his life and enabled him to take an active part in his children’s lives by bringing confidence, safety and independence. His wife Josie knows Sean is in safe ‘paws’!

Canine Partners


Supporting the people and pets of Ukraine with the U-Hearts Foundation

Pets Corner has partnered with the wonderful team at U-Hearts Foundation. This incredible organisation is helping to feed and protect abandoned pets affected by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Our Chairman Dean Richmond is passionate about pledging continuous support to the campaign. Our Pet Food Brands have donated 26 pallets of food and will continue donating for the next two years.

No pet products should go to waste, so we are donating imperfect stock from our stores and warehouse.

Finally, to help with the huge medical expenses we have donated £20,000. Every donation makes a real difference.


Supporting young people affected by cancer, disabilities, and illness

The Liam Fairhurst Foundation started by Callum Fairhurst in memory of his brother Liam, who sadly died in 2009, to help young people affected by cancer, disabilities, and illness.

From funding counselling and offering financial assistance to parents, to giving children exciting days out and the chance to meet their favorite celebrities, the charity helps families in many ways. It also gives grants other charities and organisations who share a similar ethos

During his illness, Liam also helped raise millions and started fundraising events in his local community. Scampers Natural Pet Store in Soham, now part of the Pets Corner family, has been a supporter of the family’s fundraising efforts for many years.

Dean Richmond, Pets Corner CEO, has pledged to continue to work that Scampers have done in supporting the foundation.


Caring for retired racing Greyhounds

The Greyhound Trust is a unique and brilliant charity that finds homes for retired racing dogs. Many of these beautiful dogs will never have experienced a real home. So, before they find their forever place, the dedicated team trains them for family life.

The centre offers special facilities to work with greyhounds injured from racing, a comfortable place for dogs to recover and ‘real life’ rooms to give them a taster of home life, complete with carpets, doorbell, letterbox, washing machine and hoover.

The Greyhound Trust works tirelessly to provide loving homes for over 3500 dogs every year. Pets Corner have donated £20,000 to support this wonderful and important work.


Respecting and preserving the treasured relationship between owners and their pets

For the elderly and terminally ill, there are many struggles in keeping and taking care of their pets. The Cinnamon Trust are the only specialist national charity that seek to preserve the treasured relationship between owners and their animals.

With over 15000 volunteers across the UK, the Cinnamon Trust provides practical help with day-to-day pet activities, such as walking and cleaning out enclosures. They also provide long-term care for pets whose owners have passed or been moved into residential care.

All funding comes from the generosity of the public, so we are proud to bring awareness to such an important charity.


Investing in entrepreneurs

The Peter Jones Foundation was established in 2005, with a vision to support young people in the UK and across the world.

Through their Foundation for Enterprise (FFE), they deliver world class education and help young people develop the skills and knowledge they need for success.

Their Foundation for Children (FFC) programme raises important funds to empower young people from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our Chairman Dean started his first business as only a teen, so Pets Corner became Cornerstone Patrons of the Peter Jones Foundation in 2015, to help other young people fulfil their amazing potential.


Giving disabled children brighter futures

There are many families in the UK with disabled children, who need adapted homes to meet their child’s health needs, however funding can be difficult to establish.

Sullivan’s Heroes provides fundraising support for families, by raising essential funds towards home adaptations, awarding grants, and promoting fundraising activities for adaptation projects.

Finance and support from Sullivan’s Heroes help families to create the best environment to care for their child at home, in comfort, safely and with dignity.

Quality With Values

Caring for pets, owners & our community