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Keeping Pets Safe in Storms

Published date: 26 February 2024

Storms and torrential rain can be disruptive to everyday life for both us and our pets. With extreme weather there is the risk of getting soaked, muddy, and of course the dangers of thunderstorms.

Here are some tips for surviving the great British weather and keeping your pet safe and snug.

1) Protect your Pet!

We wouldn’t be without our raincoats and jackets during the endless drizzle, so our dogs shouldn’t be unprotected either.

Invest in a comfortable, warm and weatherproof coat to keep your dog cosy on every walk. If you need help getting the size just right, don’t forget to head to your local Pets Corner, for a free fitting service.

Remember to give your pooch a thorough drying off when they get back home. Wet cold fur can feel uncomfortable and lead to risk of knots and tangles.

If you have outside Guinea Pigs or Rabbits, remember to weatherproof their hutch or enclosure. During the stormy weather, is it worth finding somewhere more sheltered to keep them. Read our Autumn Small Animal Guide for tips on preparing a shed or garage.

Most cats would never set a paw outside in wet windy conditions. However, some mischievous moggies may decide to brave the storm. If your cat is more likely to venture outside during dangerous weather, be prepared and lock them in ahead of time.

2) Monitor the Weather!

Keep an eye on the forecast and plan your walks around the downpours. No-one wants to get stuck outside during torrential weather, least of all with our dogs.

Keep in mind, if the weather refuses to cheer up, dogs are likely better off NOT going on that walk. Instead focus on getting rid of their energy inside, where it is warm and safe. From indoor scent trails, to using interactive treat toys, there is a lot of entertainment to be had on a rainy day.

Check out our handy guide on Mental Enrichment for ideas on how to keep your dog entertained.

3) Keep Pets Visible

Darker clouds will start to roll in before a storm hits, often leading to less visibility on your normal walking routes.

Ensure your dog is prepared for bad weather and darker seasons by investing in reflective walking equipment. It is also worth ensuring you can be easily seen in cloudier conditions.

This is also the perfect time to check your dog (and cats!) microchips are up to date. Remember by law dogs are required to wear a collar and an identity tag in a public place. In the midst of a difficult storm it is worth keeping your dog safer by making sure they have relevant information on their tag.

4) Keep Pets Calm

Loud booming thunder can be a frightening experience for our pets and sometimes for us too. Many people feel uneasy with the sounds of a storm, so it is easy to sympathise with how our furry friends must be feeling.

The key is to be prepared and keep as calm as possible:

  • Invest in calming products that can help take the edge off the stressful situation. For help choosing a suitable product, read our Calming Guide.
  • Provide your pet with a safe place to hide away. Dogs will generally prefer somewhere more tucked away (such as behind a sofa or in their cosy crate). Typically, our cats feel more comfortable somewhere up high and hidden.
  • Give your pet space but also offer delicious and exciting distractions such as new treats and toys.
  • Remember to close the curtains and turn on the TV or some calming music. The storm will soon pass, and your pet will be back to themselves again.

I hope you all get through the wet windy days with minimal fuss. Remember there will always be sun after a storm, see you on the other side!

Written by Lucy Marcham

Lucy teaches all aspects of the Pets Corner curriculum and specialises in animal nutrition, ensuring that our staff have the right knowledge and understanding of pet diets to assist customers with confidence and care.