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How Often Should I Bathe my Dog?

Published date: 05 March 2024

This is a very common question asked by dog owners and for good reason. Nobody wants a smelly pooch!

The truth is this is a complicated question, as it really depends on the dog coat type, lifestyle, season, and grooming routine.

Coat Type

Generally, breeds with short/ smooth coats, won’t need to be bathed as often. For example, breeds such as: Greyhound, Great Dane, Boxer, Pointer, Pug and Boston Terrier.

The rule of thumb for short haired breeds would be to bathe them around every 3 months.

Keep in mind just because you aren’t washing your short haired dog, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t groom them. Regular brushing is important for all breeds, for keeping coat healthy and reducing itchiness.

Read more about the importance of grooming over on our blog.

For longer and/or curly haired breeds, they will typically require more regularly bathing to maintain coat texture and condition. For example, breeds such as: Bichon Frise, Curly Coated Retriever, and all Poodle/Doodle crosses.


Where you walk your dog and what activities you do with them, plays a huge role in how often you will need to bathe them.

Sea and salt burn can have a negative impact on the fur and skin. So, if your dog is frequently in and out of water or spends lots of time in the sea, they will likely need more support to keep their coat healthy and hydrated.


There will be times during the year when your dog will certainly get muddier on their walks. During Winter and Autumn, you may need to wash your mucky pup more frequently to get rid of the build-up of muck.

It is always advised that dogs who get muddy on walks are at least hosed or rinsed down to remove any excess dirt.

Every muddy puppy needs a gentle and natural shampoo to keep them smelling fresh. Have you tried the Dogwood Natural Shampoo Range?

Pop along to your nearest Dogwood Natural Pet Spa to book in your furry friends next groom and for more breed specific bathing advice.

Written by Lucy Marcham

Lucy teaches all aspects of the Pets Corner curriculum and specialises in animal nutrition, ensuring that our staff have the right knowledge and understanding of pet diets to assist customers with confidence and care.