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5 Expert Tips for Preventing Hairballs in Cats

Published date: 11 March 2024

It’s a sound all cat owners dread, the hacking horrible sound of your cat throwing up a hairball.

No cat or owner wants to deal with hairballs. Luckily there is plenty you can do to prevent your cat from suffering. Here are our 5 expert tips:

Invest in a Hairball Control Diet

The right diet plays a huge role in reducing the chance of hairball problems and improving digestive function.

The key is to look for foods with added supplements such as Cellulose. This comes from the main cell walls of plants and goes a long way in reducing hairball problems. Cellulose aids in lubricating cats’ digestive tracts which in turn aids with the passage of hairballs through the system.

Foods such as MORE Cat Adult Hairball are formulated with a high level of this special supplement. The perfect diet for luxurious long-haired cats and any felines prone to hairballs.

Keep your Cat Hydrated

Our cats have a lot of redeeming qualities. Their soft fur, the toe beans and that start-up meow noise they make when you touch them unexpectedly…

One flaw our felines have however is their reluctance to drink water. Water is essential for healthy digestion, and the healthier their system the less chance of hairball problems.

Keeping cats hydrated is so important for reducing hairball issues but also for their overall health. As a general rule cats prefer fresh, moving water, so investing in a cat water fountain can be extremely worthwhile.

Brush your Cat!

Did you know our cats spend 15% of their lives grooming themselves?

As enthusiastic as cats are when it comes to cleaning, it doesn’t mean they don’t need help from their owners. All cats benefit from regular brushing.

Grooming your cat will improve their skin and coat condition, reduce matting, remove debris, and make them feel fabulous. By brushing your cat regularly, you will also naturally reduce the amount of hair they swallow.

Grooming should be part of your normal routine but remember a glamourous long-haired cat will need more help than a short-haired one.

Browse our extensive cat grooming tool selection.

Get them Moving!

Our cats can be guilty of being a little bit lazy… Exercise is important for cats of all ages. Movement helps strengthen their hardworking joints and supports their digestive health.

Getting your moggy up and moving ensures their digestive system is regular. A working and regular digestive tract is essential for allowing hairballs to pass properly. Of course, it can be tricky to motivate our feline friends sometimes, for help read our Guide to Playing with Cats.

Invest in Cat Grass

You may have noticed your cat munching on grass and wondered what on earth they are doing. Well, don’t worry it’s normal and natural for cats to eat grass…. why not watch our Cats and Grass video?

Grass plays an important role in cats’ digestive health. Plant fibre helps push food and hairballs down through their system. Lowering the chance of hairballs becoming impacted and causing problems for our felines. Providing your cat with safe, fresh and clean grass is a fabulous way to reduce hairball problems and enrich their lives. Check out our Cat Grass Kit here.

So there you have it, 5 easy tips for preventing hairballs.

Written by Lucy Marcham

Lucy teaches all aspects of the Pets Corner curriculum and specialises in animal nutrition, ensuring that our staff have the right knowledge and understanding of pet diets to assist customers with confidence and care.