Peter&Paul Berry & Bug Suet Cake

  • Peter&Paul suet products contain NO cheap fillers
  • Three times the fat levels of other top brands
  • 100% human grade edible beef dripping
  • Added Spirulina for improved health and fertility
  • Guaranteed to attract the greatest number and variety of birds to your garden.
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Peter & Paul Suet Cakes are deliciously high in calorie-rich suet in order to provide your garden birds with the maximum energy and heat they need to support their busy lives. They are also a tidy and simple way of feeding birds suet and can be presented in a specialist feeder or simply you can just take off the packaging and hang it from a hook or a piece of string; or simply place on the ground or bird table as they are.

Containing over three times the fat levels of other top brands and using only the finest 100% human grade edible beef dripping, is just the start of what makes, for your garden birds, Peter & Paul suet products worth the peck!

Unlike some other suet products, who use low quality suet and fill their products with cheap fillers, fillers like chalk dust and in some cases PVA glue. Peter & Paul suet products contain NO cheap fillers and only contain the finest of ingredients, including the exciting ingredient – Spirulina!

Spirulina has proven to be a highly beneficial supplement for our feathered friends. Spirulina is basically an edible blue-green micro algae that naturally grows in the lakes and when fed to birds it makes their plumage glossier, intensifies their natural colour, improves their health and increases their fertility many folds. Basically, it is wonderful and another reason why Peter & Paul suet product will not only attract the greatest number and variety of birds to your garden but also supports the health, welfare and conservation of UK birds.

Although suet is traditionally thought of as a ‘winter only food’ for garden birds. Actually, Suet should be thought of as a year-round food and not just to supplement winter feeding. You should be feeding suet throughout the entire year and particularly during key periods, since they make a particularly valid contribution to the breeding, moulting and pre-migration/post-migratory diets of wild birds and are even suitable for chicks and fledglings.

Of course, there are some fussy garden birds out there and they demand a high level of attention when it comes to the bird food you put on their table! Peter & Paul suet products come in two flavours; Mealworm and Berry & Bug. Not only will this mean that you can try to find the flavour that will tickle your garden bird’s taste buds, it also makes them ideal for year-round feeding. The Mealworm being better suited for the spring and summer months and the Berry & Bug for the autumn and winter months.

30% 100% human grade edible beef dripping, 4% Dried Mealworm, Berry Colourant, wheat flour and mixed seed (high oil seed millet, linseed and rapeseed)

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