Peter&Paul Mealworm Full Coconut with Platform

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  • 100% human grade edible beef dripping

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Peter & Paul Suet Range

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Peter & Paul Mealworm & Suet Full Coconut are packed with high-quality suet, selected seeds and dried mealworm - delicious! Loved by all the Tit family, Starlings, Siskins, Tree sparrows, Nuthatches and Woodpeckers have a go too. Unlike half coconuts, the full coconut’s lip affords an area for perching birds, allowing a greater variety of birds to feed.

They are fully biodegradable and come complete with a string loop made from natural fibres, meaning that you can hang it up as soon as you get it home on a tree branch or a bird station and sit back and enjoy the way it brings your garden to life.

Peter & Paul Mealworm & Suet Full Coconut contain only the very best of ingredients and the suet is of the finest quality and contains absolutely no fillers. The suet is combined with protein-rich mealworms and high oil content seeds. But what makes them extra special is that we have added an exciting ingredient, Spirulina! Which has proven to be a fantastic supplement, highly beneficial for our feathered friends. Spirulina is basically an edible blue-green micro algae that naturally grows in the lakes and is an ocean of nutrients. When fed to birds it has a very interesting effect; it makes their plumage glossier, it intensifies their natural colour, improves their health and studies have shown that when the birds are fed Spirulina rich diets, they showed a great improvement in their fertility up to 96%.

40% Suet, 4% Mealworms, 1% Spirulina, Wheat Flour & Mixed Seed (High Oil Seed Millet, Linseed & Rapeseed)

Crude Protein 7.6%, Crude Fibre 40.1%, Crude Fats & Oils 44.6%, Crude Ash 0.7%, Crude Moisture 7%

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