The Pets Corner Difference — No. 3 —

We never stop training

A little help for our friends

We have our own Pets Corner curriculum containing over 900 different training documents with 20 classroom sessions teaching 150 hours of content.

We classroom train all our staff in animal husbandry, pet nutrition, treatments, team management as well as educating our teams on the feeding and care of wild birds.

This means our staff really know what they are talking about, so you can get the right advice every time.

Classroom Training

We classroom
train over
staff a month

Our trainers are
all passionate
experts in
their field

Products Training

Our staff
know our
inside out

So ask them for help,
they like to show off!

Meet the Experts

Lucy Kershaw

Lucy Kershaw Head of Training

Lucy is at the helm of delivering our in-depth classroom training programme to all our staff giving them the tools and knowledge they need to provide customers with the best service and expert advice.

Lucy’s natural and friendly personality, and unrivalled knowledge for all thing’s animals, makes her the perfect role model for bringing The Pets Corner Difference to life.

Lucy Marcham

Lucy Marcham Nutritional Trainer

Lucy teaches all aspects of the Pets Corner curriculum and specialises in animal nutrition, ensuring that our staff have the right knowledge and understanding of pet diets to assist customers with confidence and care.

Lucy has a vast knowledge of pets and extensive experience of animals from canines to cats and everything in between.

Jon Cox

Jon Cox Store Management Trainer

Jon is one of our principle trainers who works tirelessly to develop our curriculum to ensure we cover and include the most up to date information on animals.

He teaches a variety of diverse subjects, from navigating our computer systems and making sure things run smoothly behind the scenes, core management skills and animal behaviour so that staff can better understand their customers’ pets!

Will Bisset

Katie Adams Trainer

Katie is a trainer and manages one of our stores. She teaches all aspects of the Pets Corner curriculum including the Pets Corner Difference, a session designed to nurture new staff and provide them with all the information and expertise they need to guide and assist our customers.

Katie has a vast knowledge of animals and a particular passion for all things dog!

Emma Levett

Lauren Elshaw Aquatic Expert

Lauren is our Aquatic Expert and long-standing manager at one of our stores, where her passion for fish never fails to go unnoticed by those around her.

Responsible for ensuring that our fish are kept in tip top condition and our systems are maintained correctly, Lauren trains staff in Aquatic Husbandry and Products so that customers receive the very best advice to care for their fish properly at home.

Danny Yeoman

Danny Yeoman Wild Bird Expert

Danny is our resident Wild Bird Expert and educates our teams on Reptile Husbandry. With a list of credentials that span every possible angle of ornithology, Danny certainly knows his stuff.

Positively brimming with passion, Danny’s endearing charm means he is perfectly equipped to captivate and inspire staff, enabling them to provide the best and most helpful advice to customers.

Watch our video to learn more about training at Pets Corner