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We've been at the forefront of animal nutrition since 1968, and we only promote foods that are wholesome, natural and give pets everything they need for a long, healthy life.

We're also the only pet retailer in the UK to classroom train all our staff, so they can give you the right advice about animal nutrition.

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The majority of the products we sell at Pets Corner, and the foods we recommend, are all natural so you can shop with us confident in the knowledge that we have thoroughly researched the products you are buying to ensure that they are completely free from any artificial ingredients.

It isn't just our complete foods that are healthier – since 2010 we have been removing unhealthy products from our shelves and now stock the largest range of natural, healthy treats for pets compared with any other pet retailer in the UK – giving you the peace of mind that an occasional cheeky treat is still good for your pet.

Keeping up with the times...

Pet foods that were considered the best 10 years ago have been leapfrogged by new comers to the market as quality continues to improve. Our experts live and breathe pet food, and we're always on the look out for the next best thing for you and your pet.

With so many foods on the market, everyone has an opinion about which foods are best. That's why we created Pet Food Expert.

For food facts, not opinion

At our site, we have had popular foods independently tested, and quizzed manufacturers on information such as ingredient quality, digestibility and allergen levels, as well as the ethical credentials of the manufacturers themselves.

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Health Club Dog Health Club

The majority of our stores offer a completely free Health Club service, which you can sign up to for as long as you like.

As part of our team's in-depth nutritional training they can advise you on how to help your pet gain or lose weight and recommend the right food to achieve this.

Many of our customers have found it to be the ideal solution for managing their pets' weight and enjoy the regular ‘weigh-ins' and advice they receive from our staff. Your pet will even receive a healthy treat from us too!

Meet the Experts
Pets Corner Expert Maker Katie Adams
Pets Corner Expert Maker Lucy Kershaw
Pets Corner Expert Maker Jon Cox

We've been advising customers on the best choice of pet foods since 1968 and have spent years developing a full pet care and nutrition curriculum. Find out more about the entire Pets Corner family in this short film: