Hamster Starter Kit


This kit includes:

  • Product Thumbnail
    Ferplast Duna Fun Small Animal Cage 57921499_kit (x1)
  • Product Thumbnail
    Great&Small Medium Wood Shavings 62238_VITAL_kit (x1)
  • Product Thumbnail
    Great&Small Micropore Paper Bedding 100g 210382_kit (x1)
  • Product Thumbnail
    Johnson's Clean N Safe Small Animal K026_kit (x1)
  • Product Thumbnail
    Great&Small Gourmet Hamster Feast With Fruit & Veg 850g GS30333_kit (x1)
  • Product Thumbnail
    Boredom Breaker Nibble Stix 19285_kit (x1)
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Hamsters make fantastic companions! They are a quirky, intelligent and very curious species. The Hamster Starter Kit encompasses everything a dedicated hamster owner will need. From chews to bedding we have you covered.

The Ferplast Duna Fun is a spacious cage with lots of climbing, running and sleeping opportunities for your adventurous friend.

Of course it stands to reason your furry pal should be fed only the best food. The Great & Small Gourmet Feast included is suited to Syrian Hamsters. This marvellous mix contains tasty banana chip, monkey nuts and flaked peas. This is perfectly balanced and delightful food for your hungry hamster.

The Boredom Breakers Nibble Stix’s are the ideal wood gnaw to help mentally stimulate your hamster and keep his teeth in tip top condition. Remember hamsters teeth constantly grow so it’s essential he has some sturdy gnaws to gnash down on!

To top it all off this kit includes soft snuggly paper bedding, absorbent wood shavings and of course pet safe cleaner! Perfect for ensuring your hamsters home is clean, cosy and hygienic. In turn giving you the happiest hamster around!

Be sure to pop in to your local Pets Corner store or visit our Petopedia page for any hints, tips and advice on looking after your hamster.

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