The Pets Corner Difference — No 4 —

Selling Pets the right way

We pride ourselves on being the most ethical pet stores in the UK. Animal welfare is our top priority and we have a number of policies in place to ensure the wellbeing of our animals - before, during and after their time with us.

We pay more for our mammals than any other pet store

This allows our ethical breeders to provide necessary space, food, medical attention, care and love.

We make no profit at all on our mammal sales. Pets that are sold cheaply are likely to have been raised cheaply.

Example price for a rabbit:
We pay £30 you pay only £36 (£30+VAT)

Think twice

This is the first piece of advice we give to anyone buying a pet from us.

For the sake of the animal, if you are not 100% sure that you or your children will be able to give a pet the attention, care and lifestyle they deserve, then please don't buy one.

We’re very thorough when selling someone a pet for the first time, to ensure you’re ready for pet parenthood. So be prepared for the process to take a little while!

Our Ethical Breeders help us improve the lives of pets

Ethical Breeders Picture

Some people don't approve of pets being sold in pet stores. We think it's better for us to use our reputation as one of the UK's leading pet retailers to ensure that pets are bred ethically and humanely, and sold responsibly.

We demand a higher standard of care from our breeders so we pay more for our animals than other chains of pet shops (e.g we pay £30 for a rabbit which we sell for £36 which is just adding the VAT.) Our customers can be sure that they aren't funding low cost battery breeding or cheap Eastern European imports.

We use small family breeders, usually local to our stores. This enables us to have a good rapport and get to know our breeders on a personal level. We are able to understand their practices and support them and their animals.

Before we will consider buying livestock, we visit all breeders and check their facilities to ensure they meet our strict criteria.

All of our pets are sold with a birth certificate which means we can guarantee and trace your pet's origin.

Ethical Breeders Logo

We never buy animals from auction, or from battery breeders who don't treat their animals properly.

Pets have parents too, and we look after them!

Rabbit and Bunnies

To be a Pets Corner Ethical Breeder you must agree to care for the breeding stock once they have reached retirement.

All of our breeders retire their breeding animals and keep them as pets in special Pets Corner Retirement Areas (or where appropriate rehome them) allowing them to live out their days in love and comfort.

For some other breeders it’s considered normal practice to have their breeding stock put to sleep when they are no longer ‘of use’.

Before they're your pets, they're ours!

They all get daily exercise, grooming and cuddles. Our reptiles also enjoy being pampered with regular baths and water sprays.

Our animal units are kept spick and span. We take pride in providing our animals with species appropriate enriching environments, including toys.

Our staff get to know their personalities and quirks. Ask them who likes broccoli the most or who is the last one to get out of bed in the morning!

Proper healthcare

If one of our pets becomes ill, even if it’s just the sniffles, we take them straight to the vet for a thorough check up and treatment if required.

Some pet stores will have their ‘stock’ put down rather than pay costly vet bills, or send them back to the breeder to suffer the same fate. We do not condone unnecessary euthanasia and do everything in our power to nurse poorly pets back to health.

Healthy Pet

21 day health guarantee

We’re so confident in our pets’ wellbeing, that we are the only pet store in the country to offer a 21 day health guarantee on all of our animals.

If, within 21 days of purchase, your pet falls ill from a disease your vet believes was contracted before purchase, we will cover your vet’s bill.

Bearded Dragon lizard
Our lizards and snakes get a daily cuddle and play too!

The Pets Corner DifferenceSex Guaranteed

Sexing young animals can be difficult! We’re so confident in our staff training that we are the only pet stores in the UK to guarantee the sex of our livestock.*

*Species dependant because some reptiles are unsexable by visual means.

Rabbits Sex and health guarantee

We sell social animals in pairs, because it’s unkind for them to live alone

Rabbit Friends

Rabbits, guinea pigs and gerbils usually thrive on companionship from members of their own species.

Unlike our competitors, where possible, we prefer to sell our animals in pairs unless there are special circumstances which may affect the pet’s overall health and wellbeing.

Pets need space

We have minimum cage and hutch sizes for pets. Other pet shops may sell cramped cages and hutches, but we will refuse to sell you a hutch or cage if it’s not big enough for your pets.

We sell a smaller selection of pets that we’ve chosen especially because they are suitable to be cared for in a home environment.

Small Animals

We sell products for an incredibly diverse array of pets, but in our small animal units you will find only Syrian Hamsters, Mongolian Gerbils, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits. We stock these animals because we believe with the right care and attention they can live long happy lives in the right hands and make incredible pets.

We do not stock specialist pets like ferrets as they aren't high in demand and would spend too long in store, which isn't much fun for such an active animal.


In our reptile-stocking branches you will find a small selection of reptiles: Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Hermann Tortoises, Corn Snakes (Amelanistic and Carolina) and Bearded Dragons.

Reptiles can make wonderful pets but do require a lot of consideration with regards to their environmental needs. It can be challenging to look after them properly, so we will only sell them to customers who can assure us they have everything they need to thrive in a home environment.

Fish & Aquatic

We have hundreds of species of temperate fresh water fish and tropical fresh water fish, plus all the equipment you need to start your own colourful and diverse aquarium. Our staff are trained to the highest standard to ensure our aquatic units are kept sparkling clean and disease free, filled with happy, healthy fish.

We only stock fish species that with our advice and guidance can be kept humanely, with enough room to grow and swim.

We have a free water testing service, our trained staff can help you create the best environment for your fish. Our 21 day health guarantee for fish to be introduced to a new aquarium is not valid without testing your water first, so please bring a sample with you.

we don't stock any pet birds because we don't think it's possible to give them the appropriate exercise and space in a retail environment

Chocolate Rabbit

And finally...

This is the only sort of bunny people should give at Easter

Pets should never be presents, as they are a very big responsibility for years and years. In fact we stop selling rabbits over Easter because of the number of abandoned Easter bunnies each year.