The Pets Corner Difference — No. 4 —

Better value for quality

We only stock the best. Every single product we sell has been selected for quality, craftsmanship and longevity. Because quality products last longer and save our customers money.

Take a look at just some of our quality products that may cost a little more, but last much longer!

99% Natural Rubber

Bouncier rubber

Our rubber balls have more than double the natural rubber content of our competitors’, so they’re stronger, bouncier and last longer.

5 Year Guarantee

Strong Feeders

Too many wild bird feeders are made from flimsy materials that fall apart before long. Great&Small bird feeders are tougher, easier to fill and they last longer, so they save you money.

Thicker & biodegradable

Even our poo bags are better!

Make the less attractive side of being a responsible dog owner easier with thicker, scented and biodegradable bags.

Solid, sturdier & tougher

Tested on demolition experts

Great&Small cat scratchers are the only ones with a 1 Year Workmanship Guarantee. Sturdier poles and heavier bases are made from quality materials that are put together better for a safer scratch.

Handmade in the UK

Let sleeping dogs lie on British made beds.

Paws&Snores beds are handmade in the UK. All machine washable, they’ll outlast most inferior beds so are excellent value for money.

Stronger & Heavier

100% Stainless Steel

Our bowls are 40% thicker and stronger than other stainless steel bowls which means you get more steel for your money.

100% cotton

No cheap fillers!

Our rope toys are made with 100% natural cotton and a tighter weave to last longer for dogs that like to play rough.

Handmade by British craftsmen

British made hutches

Unlike some flimsy cheap products available elsewhere, our spacious Great&Small hutches are handmade from quality materials in the UK, and come with a 3 Year Workmanship Guarantee.