The Pets Corner Difference — No 3 —

Powered by Nature

10 Years Green

For more than 10 years our stores have been powered and heated by renewable electricity, provided by the great British climate.

No fossil fuels for us, thanks.

We also send zero waste to landfill, everything from animal waste, to food, to cardboard boxes, all of our waste is re-used or recycled!

More Recyclable Packaging than any other retailer

We will recycel your bags for you

Over 50% of our dry food packaging is now recyclable, and we’re aiming to be at 100% soon.
We’ve encouraged our brands to move to recyclable bags, and we’re installing in store bins to take them away for you!

10 Years Green

Building for the future

New eco warehouse in Handcross

When we fit out our stores we always put in double the insulation to keep us warmer in winter and cooler in summer, rather than pumping in cold or hot air all year round at a great cost to the environment.

We think that it’s a worthwhile investment in all of our futures.

Electric Heating

We only use electricity to heat our stores* to ensure all our energy consumption is from renewable sources. It costs us more but causes much less pollution than fossil fuelled heating.

Led Lighting

In 2011 we converted all of our stores and buildings to LED lighting. They use up to 80% less energy than conventional fittings, in fact lighting one store uses less electricity than the average household vacuum cleaner!

A tasty alternative to air conditioning

Air conditioning stores is very wasteful and uses massive amounts of energy. We let our staff wear skirts and shorts in the summer and if it gets too hot we hand out ice lollies!

If it gets too hot we give our staff ice lollies!

Greener from our door to yours

New eco warehouse in Handcross

Our brand new warehouse based in Handcross, West Sussex opened early 2020 which follows our Green ethos. We use renewable energy from Solar Panels for our lighting/heating, electric charging points and we proudly give zero to landfill.

Our fleet of lorries are Mercedes Actros 18t vehicles which have ultra-low emissions and a EURO IV standard engine. This makes them incredibly fuel efficient and at the highest current standard for low fuel emissions.

The World’s Most Sustainable Pet Food

We funded the world’s first sustainable dog food, Yora. At Pets Corner, we have always had the environment and animal welfare at the heart of our business, pushing us to develop the first super premium pet food made using insect protein.

Pets Corner Cat and Dog

Each year we give over five tonnes of unwanted, unsold or damaged pet food to local charities.

We also donate 4% of our profits to charity
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*Where we are in control of our electricity supply.