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Top 5 Products Every Indoor Cat Deserves

10 July 2018

Being an indoor cat is extremely hard work. Sometimes us human owners don’t realise how tricky lounging around and relaxing really is. Well, Pets Corner is all about making cosy indoor cats (and their human companions) lives easier! Here are some tips and products to keep a content cat household. 


The Corner Litter Tray

This tray is cleverly designed to save space in the home. Never fear though there is still amble space for your cat to do their business. The high sides in this tray mean there is less chance of anything messy around the edges. We understand how horrifying these dirty indiscretions can be! Plus, the rim can be used to hold litter liners in place, to keep that tray looking super clean and sparkling. 

At £15.99, we think you and your pampered puss will appreciate this upgrade! You can find this clever litter tray here.


Odour Controlled Litter  

There’s something truly magical about a litter that keeps those nasty whiffs away. Don’t worry though this litter is not just the stuff of legend!  We are extremely proud to stock one of the best litters on the market- the wonderful Felipure. Unlike other litters, Felipure has an antibacterial coating to keep your tray smelling fresh and hygienic. This is certainly the cleverest litter around as this litter has 72-hour odour block™ control. This means your cat's litter tray will smell fresh and clean for up to three days. Giving you complete peace of mind that your home is protected from those unpleasant litter tray smells. 

Plus, to top it all off this litter is super speedy at clumping- why not take a look at this short video and see for yourself here.

King Catnip Toys 

Those indoor kitties love nothing more than lazing their days away. Get them up off their furry backsides and using their brains! Why not use a toy designed to stimulate your cat and get them utilising all their powerful senses? Introducing the wonder of Catnip! 

King Catnip has set the highest standard when it comes to their exciting range. Unlike other brands King Catnip stuff their toys to the absolute brim with potent organic catnip leaves. You’ll find no cotton stuffing or cheap poor-quality catnip here! This is pure catnip and nothing else, so bound to excite and bring joy to your furry best friend.

To treat your cat and keep them contended check out the best catnip range here.


Cat Scratcher

Of course, the one activity your cosy indoor cat will willingly get up for is scratching! This is such an important behaviour for our fabulous felines, as it keeps them happy and helps them shed their dead nails.  Pets Corner believe that cats deserve only the best scratcher to get their crafty claws into. 

We have a range of wonderful cat scratchers to suit your home! They come in a variety of colours, so there is sure to be one that is to your cat’s taste.  Plus, our cat scratchers are as tough as they come. The robust poles and thick sturdy bases can support your cat's weight and allow them to stretch out for a truly satisfying scratch. In fact, we are so confident our scratchers will survive your cat’s destructive abilities, that they all come with a 1 Year Workmanship Guarantee. Even the sharpest and sassiest of scratchers will be impressed with these!

Find our range of scratchers here.


Cosy Bed 

After all that playing and scratching your kitty is sure to need a well-deserved rest! We all know that cats are masters when it comes to relaxation, in fact, they can sleep between 12-16 hours a day! To keep them as cosy and comfortable as possible Pets Corner have created a lovely range of snuggly beds for them to sink into. 

There is one to suit every feline, so whether your cat prefers a comfortable hidey hole or a luxurious open space we have you covered! If only we made them big enough for humans… 

Check out our range here.