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Go for the glow

13 November 2017

The clocks have turned back and dog walks in the dark have suddenly become hard to avoid.

Whether or not you’re walking on well-lit streets, it’s important to make sure your pet pooch is visible to passing road users. Every year animals are hit by cars or cyclists because they blend into a murky background and simply aren’t seen – a risk which is clearly greater if your dog is black or dark brown.

Of course you can’t change the colour of your dog’s fur, but you can invest in collars, harnesses and leads that vastly increase visibility.

Here at Pets Corner, we stock a large range of accessories that will help to keep you and your pet safe during winter walks. These include:

It’s not only during walks that you’ll find these products useful. Many of us let our dogs out for a run in the garden before bedtime, and depending on how mischievous the pooch, sometimes it can be a struggle to get them back in. With a glow or light-up collar, there’s no lurking unseen behind bushes!

Of course it’s not just dogs who need to be seen. Here are some human tips to help you enjoy relaxing and incident-free walks this winter . . .

  • Wear light clothing and/or reflective strips on your coat
  • Have a torch to hand – most mobile phones now have a torch function, so remind yourself how to access it (NB make sure your phone is well charged before setting off!)
  • Footwear is important too. Consider trainers with reflective strips, or even shoes with LED lights in the heels (yes, there are adult versions of these shoes!)
  • Avoid walking in the road. But if you’re in a rural area with no pavements, the general rule is to walk against the traffic, so that you can see oncoming cars approaching
  • Keep your dog on the side farthest from the road (even though this means you’re the one who gets splashed if an oncoming car whizzes through a puddle . . .)

Why not pop into your local Pets Corner store to see how you can prepare for winter? We have branches all over the UK, each one staffed by friendly, expert-trained animal-lovers who always put your pet first. To find your latest branch, check out our store finder