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Rabbits are sadly one of the most neglected pets in the UK and 65,000 are given up to rescue centres each year often because people haven’t fully considered, or been given the correct advice about the time, money and commitment it takes to properly care for these beautiful creatures.

We are working with the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund to help improve the lives of rabbits across the UK by stopping the illegitimate and unregulated sales of rabbits online and by raising awareness of the dangers of purchasing animals from unlawful pet shops.

Our in-depth classroom training programme ensures that all our staff have the knowledge to expertly advise our customers who already own bunnies or want to care for rabbits in the future.

To find out more about the charity’s important work, please visit

Here are just some of the wonderful local & national charities we support

Meet the wonder dogs at Canine Partners!

In 2018 we donated a total of £25,814 to support Canine Partners fantastic work training assistance dogs to change lives.

Learn all about Canine Partners and how we support their cause here

Meet Petey

Petey is our 3rd sponsored dog with Canine Partners, thanks to your support we are able to sponsor Petey through his training to become an assistance dog.

Petey the black Labradour assistance dog Petey the black Labradour assistance dog
Smiling child in wheelchair

Giving disabled children brighter futures

Sullivan’s Heroes provides fundraising support for families raising essential funds towards home adaptations for disabled children.

Financial grants and support from Sullivan’s Heroes help families to create the optimal environment to care for their child at home, safely and with dignity. Learn more

Pets Corner MD Dean with Peter Jones

Investing in entrepreneurs

Our MD Dean is no stranger to entrepreneurial spirit having started his first business in his teens making bird feeders from his parents’ garage at home, which is why he wants to help others to fulfil their potential.

In 2015, we became Cornerstone Patrons of the Peter Jones Foundation, an organisation that helps budding young entrepreneurs get the support they need to succeed in business. Learn more

The Cinamon Trust Dog Photo

Respecting and preserving the treasured relationship between owners and their pets

They seek to relieve the anxieties, problems and sometimes injustices faced by elderly and terminally ill people and their pets, thereby saving a great deal of human sadness and animal suffering.

We help to promote the Cinnamon Trust to our customers who are keen on volunteering. Learn more