R·O·R Puppy Frozen Turkey Nuggets 1kg

  • All natural ingredients
  • NO indigestible bone!
  • Supports joint care, development of the brain and immune system support
  • High in healthy natural oils and energy
  • Safe for sensitive tummies
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R·O·R Puppy Frozen Turkey Nuggets 1kg is available to buy in increments of 5
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R·O·R has been perfectly designed to provide the ultimate healthy food for your pup. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, and all of these will support and develop your furry best friend.

This food is all about combining nature and science to provide a truly wholesome diet. Made with Prime cuts of superior Turkey and absolutely NO indigestible bone! Using the power of science this diet contains the perfect balance of essential amino acids and nutritional qualities. This attention to detail means that every aspect of your puppies’ wellbeing has been considered. From supporting their brain development and immune system to providing the balance needed for optimum bone and joint health. Everything your puppy needs you will find here. 

Though of course, your puppy is probably more concerned with the delicious taste!

This diet is hypoallergenic, contains no nasty artificial ingredients and has been ground to ensure maximum palatability. The combination of prime meat, potent salmon oil and wholesome fruit is absolutely bound to get your pooch salivating.  Ideal for the most sensitive and fussy puppies!

So, find out for yourself how the kindness of nature and safety of science can benefit your canine companion today. 

Feeding Instructions

Defrost nuggets completely before serving. Once thawed, store in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Ensure fresh drinking water is always available. If swapping to R·O·R from another wet or raw food, introduce the new food gradually, increasing the ratio over several days. Do not mix R·O·R with dry kibble foods as a meal together. Raw meat can contain pathogens; please handle with care and wash hands thoroughly after handling. Do not allow children to handle the nuggets.

Feeding Guide

Recommended daily intake by Puppy lifestage

Target Weight (in kg)Grams (Approx. nuggets)
< 4 months4 - 7 months7 - 12 months
1 120 (5) 100 (4) 80 (3)
2.5 230 (9) 190 (8) 150 (6)
5 390 (16) 320 (13) 150 (6)
10 660 (26) 540 (22) 440 (18)
15 890 (36) 740 (30) 590 (24)
20 1100 (44) 920 (37) 730 (29)
30 1500 (60) 1240 (50) 990 (40)

The quantities shown should be used as a guideline only. Every dog's appetite is different depending upon size, age, condition and level of activity.

Please adjust the amount given to keep your dog in a lean, active condition.

Free Range Deboned Turkey 85%, Strawberry 4%, Sweet Potato 3%,  Carrots 3%, Salmon Oil, Dicalcium, Seaweed, Yucca, Green Tea, Dandelion, Hawthorn Leaf, Beet

Calcium 0.33%, Phosphorus 0.21%, Crude protein 10.10%, Crude Fibre 0.40%, Moisture 64.60%, Ash 2%, Total Oil 16.60%

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