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Yora Insect Dog Food Saves 3,640 Tonnes of CO2 & Announces Price Drop

Published by Pets Corner | 7 October 2020

Since Yora Pet Food launched 20 months ago they've helped thousands of dogs live healthy, happy, allergy-free lives and saved a lot of Carbon.

Yora has passed on a huge thank you to all #YoraExplorer early adopters who took a leap of faith and believed, with, Managing Director, Will Bisset commenting:

"We've been overwhelmed with the support we've had since launching in 2019, we've now sold over 500,000kg of food and due to our early success we've been able to drop our prices".

Yora are celebrating with a permanent price reduction of up to 20% across the complete food and treat range. Yora is aiming for an ambitious 10,000 Tonnes of CO2 saved by the end of 2021, can you help them achieve their target?

Learn more by visiting our Yora brand page: