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5 Tips To Support My Dog's Joints & Wellbeing During Winter

Published by Pets Corner | 12 May 2019

The winter months can be great fun, with snowy walks and lots of puddles to splash in, however, the cold can make things a little more difficult for our older pets. With our top tips for senior pets you can help keep their tails wagging and wintery walks fun.

1 – Look after joints

It’s easy to support your pets’ joints if you know where to look, ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM help with inflammation, joint cushioning and reducing pain. They can be given as a supplement or are often incorporated into good quality pet foods like More Senior, Canagan light and McAdams.

2 – Regular exercise

It’s important to keep pets active this time of year, especially older pets. Excess weight can put a strain on joints so it’s best to keep them trim with regular exercise, it will also help strengthen and stabilise joints.

3 – Keeping warm

Make sure they are kept warm at home by moving their beds away from drafts and providing an extra blanket. A warm and weatherproof coat will also benefit dogs when they are out and about.

4 – Activate their minds

As with all of us, our pets minds can become less sharp with age. Mental stimulation is really important for happy and healthy pets. You can encourage activity by giving them catnip toys, puzzle feeding and playing new games which will help to keep them on the ball.

5 – Senior specific food

In their golden years, pets are less active and their needs change so adapting their food to a more senior specific brand will keep them in top form. Tailored senior food usually has extra joint care ingredients, less calories and sometimes aids for brain functionality, like DHA algae.

Remember, prevention is better than curing and by following these tips we hope that your senior pets will benefit for the many years of fun ahead.