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The Best Dog Foods As Rated By PetFoodExpert.co.uk

Published by Pets Corner | 3 January 2020

It’s a New Year and, like everything else, you’re looking to rejuvenate your pets diet. It’s really important to select the best food for your pet to suit their needs and support wellbeing. This will help to prevent future health complications like joint problems and diabetes. With so many dog foods on the market, it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to find out what is best suited to your dog. So, we have compiled the very best dog foods as rated by fact-based PetFoodExpert.co.uk to help you along the way.

1. McAdams Small breed kibble - 92%


McAdams is a dry complete food, but rather than being made with carcass and meat meal, it is baked (not extruded) using whole ingredients including whole free-range chicken (as you would buy, minus the feet, head and guts). The joint care provision in McAdams doesn’t come from added chemicals but from New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel which naturally contain powerful levels of chondroitin and glucosamine. 

2. Canagan Dental - 92%


Gum disease is experienced by over two thirds of dogs and can be very painful and may lead to tooth loss. Canagan Dental contains the clinically effective ingredient ProDen PlaqueOff® which reduces plaque naturally, combined with a special kibble shape to help keep teeth cleaner. Canagan Dental is a Grain Free Dog Food that has been designed to closely mimic the diets of Dogs ancestors providing your Dog with the best natural diet.

3. ROR Puppy Frozen - 91%


R·O·R has been perfectly designed to provide the ultimate healthy food for your puppy. Made with prime cuts of superior Turkey and absolutely no indigestible bone. Using the power of science, this diet contains the perfect balance of essential amino acids and nutritional qualities. This attention to detail means that every aspect of your puppies’ wellbeing has been considered. From supporting their brain development and immune system, to providing the balance needed for optimum bone and joint health. Everything your puppy needs you will find here.

4. Tribal Sausage - 86%


A super-premium complete wet food for dogs of all life stages in a convenient and easy to serve gourmet sausage. The high quality and simple three-ingredient recipes are made with 80% single-sourced protein, chickpeas and vegetables, gently cooked and highly digestible. A fantastic option for dogs with allergies or intolerances.

5. Yora Insect - 84%


Thanks to the hypoallergenic formula, Yora is suitable for food intolerances, skin conditions, and delicate tummies. No low-grade meat or by-products makes it into Yora’s kibbles, meaning that there is only one animal protein source, insect! Which makes it a great choice for exclusion diets. Yora’s insects have just the right nutritional profile of protein, fats and minerals to allow your pet to flourish and Yora’s clever chefs have combined them with superfoods like oats, beetroot, potato, parsley and seaweed making a complete diet.

6. MORE Senior Large breed - 74%



At Pets Corner, we know that pet owners appreciate the benefits of a good quality food for their pets. MORE™ provides all the nourishment your larger canine best friend needs and is packed with the highest level of joint care ingredients of any of the other foods. Using only good quality, highly digestible, natural ingredients to support your dog’s overall health and vitality. This tasty, larger sized, crunchy kibble is packed with antioxidants which have anti-ageing properties, fight free radicals and help support the immune system, plus vitamins and minerals.

The best dog foods are hard to find but we hope that this list ends the search, feel free to pop in-store and speak to one of our classroom trained professionals who would be thrilled to recommend the best food for your pet.

For more information on Pet Food Expert or to see how your pet food scores please visit petfoodexpert.co.uk