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Great & Small Wild Bird Food is all food and no fillers. Unlike ordinary wild bird food which is full of filler seeds, Great & Small Wild Bird Food contains only the best of what birds love to eat.

With Great & Small Wild Bird Food, garden birds easily find the food they want, without the need to pick through and scatter what they don't to the ground. Birds forage for foods that contain the ingredients they desire. By adding specific ingredients, we can make Great & Small Wild Bird Food more attractive to garden birds and more enjoyable for you.

Great & Small Wild Bird Food is a wholesome bird food that can be fed year round, containing 9 ingredients, not to be confused with other cheaper mixes where more wheat is used to replace the better quality seeds.

Our Great & Small Wild Bird Food has been developed to appeal to a wide range of birds, and will provide them with much needed energy at any time of the year. This mix can be fed from a seed feeder, or table, and will appeal to the Tit family, Finches, Sparrows, Siskin, Blackbirds, Thrushes and Doves.