Weav 'R' Maize Bird Toy (available in 2 sizes)

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  • Colourful
  • Non toxic
  • Woven design to keep Birds occupied
  • good for mental stimulation
  • Fun jingly bell
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Weav' 'R' Maize Small
Weav 'R' Maize Large

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Product Description

The colourful design of the Weav 'r' Maize is perfect for keeping your feathered friend busy. The Weav 'r' Maize has various different aspects - a woven wicker centre to peack, wicker tail fathers to chew on, colourful cocounut hair to pull out and play with and a jingle bell for your Bird to make music.

There are two different sizes of the Weav 'r' Maize bird toy to cater for pretty much every type of pet Bird.