Sharing Our Experience

    We have our own Pets Corner curriculum containing over 300 different training documents.  For every 25 people we employ, we have a member of staff who is responsible for training them.

    We train all our staff in animal husbandry, pet behaviour, animal treatment and medicines, and we've been advising customers on pet nutrition since 1968. This means our staff really know what they're talking about, so you can get the right advice every time.

    One of our courses in progress at our training centre.

    Meet the experts…

    Lucy Ross

    Head of Training

    Lucy heads up our training department. Taking training sessions herself, she also provides support and guidance to our dedicated trainers making sure things run smoothly and ensuring that staff get the most out of their sessions. With both a bachelor degree and a master’s degree she is no stranger to learning and strives to ensure the training we provide our staff is of the best quality. Ensuring the information taught is up to date and relevant she continues to develop our vast curriculum of pet knowledge and training sessions.

    Lucy has been with the company since 2011 and worked as a store manager for the company before stepping up to lead the training team. Her specialist subjects include animal husbandry, animal behavior, animal treatments and medicines, as well as team management. With a passion for teaching, Lucy works with the rest of the training team to achieve only the best from our staff. And to provide stores with the tools and knowledge necessary to give our customers the best service and advice possible.

    Her passion is pets and in her spare time Lucy enjoys spending time with her own. She has a menagerie of animals from horses to hamsters, and everything in between including a very grumpy Jack Russell and a chocolate Labrador, as well as foster animals waiting for their forever homes. She is hoping to introduce a Birman kitten to the family this summer.

    Lucy Ross Pets Corner
    Danny Yeoman Pets Corner

    Danny Yeoman

    King of the Twitchers

    Danny is our resident wild bird expert. After learning of his passion for birds it seemed only natural that he should become our wild bird and home farming trainer as well as wild bird advisor to staff. As a Member of the Kent Ornithological Society, a lifelong member of the RSPB and Kent Wildlife Trust, he has helped conduct a wide range of environmental and commercial bird surveys involving both land and seabird populations, and is an experienced bird ringer (bander) and was once a self-confessed ‘Twitcher’ with a UK bird list of over 400 species. There is certainly no doubt that Danny knows his birds.

    His wild bird sessions are injected with humour and knowledge which get staff engaging, enabling them to get the most out of their time with him. Danny works hard to ensure our staff are able to provide friendly and helpful advice on making the most of nature as well as supporting Britain’s wild bird population. He also sends weekly hints and tips to our stores to keep staff up to date with their wild bird knowledge.

    Danny also takes the lead with our treatments and medicines training sessions. At Pets Corner we offer a wide variety of treatments from parasites to joint care. Danny ensures our staff are knowledgeable on each of these subject areas to provide helpful and friendly advice.

    Danny has a house full of pets, currently owning: 4 Crested Geckos (Snap, Crackle, Pop and Jason), a Bearded Dragon (Bruce), a Herman’s tortoise (Shelly), 2 Rats (Pinky & Brain), 2 Gerbils (Scratch & Sniff), a Syrian hamster (Pudding), a Chilean rose tarantula (Rosie) and a pair of Oscars (Butch & Sundance). All apart from the geckos are rescues.

    Jon Cox


    Jon is our principle systems trainer and is manager of our Maidstone branch. He teaches our staff how to navigate our computer systems and how to ensure things run smoothly behind the scenes. We are always working on ways to improve our systems and with these improvements comes further staff development. Jon provides staff with the knowledge to connect the dots and learn the key points to successful store management and running.

    Jon also takes our animal behaviour sessions. During these sessions he not only provides staff the fundamentals with regards to pet behaviour, but also a history on the animal itself. This enables staff to better understand their customer’s pets and to identify products that can help improve the way of life for both pet and owner. Jon has said that his favourite part to training pet behaviour is hearing how his knowledge and advice has enabled staff, who have attended his sessions, to help their customers. Pet behaviour and training is a sector of the industry that is continually changing and growing as we learn more about the animals we love, and Jon works to grow our sessions along with these changes.

    Like all who work for Pets Corner, Jon has a love and passion for pets and currently owns 3 cats, chickens as well as pond and tropical fish. He has plans to add a pooch to his family soon.

    Trained Staff
    Trained Staff

    Liam Gillan


    Liam is our resident reptile and aquatic trainer flown in from Australia where he gathered his experience working in the aquatic industry and has a diploma in aquaculture.

    Liam has been in the trade for nearly 20 years and has kept and bred a vast array of aquatic species. He provides our staff an in depth understanding of aquatic care and maintenance. Making sure not only are our fish beautifully cared for in store, but also ensuring that they go to knowledgeable homes with our staff providing all the information our customers need to look after them.

    Growing up in Western Australia, Liam was able to view a myriad of reptiles in their natural habitats. Upon arrival to the UK he became interested in how reptiles can be provided with an artificial environment supplying what they need to live long fulfilling lives. And it is with this interest he ensures the reptiles at Pets Corner receive the utmost care both in store and at their new homes.

    Liam is currently reading for a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry at Brighton University and spends his free time surfing and playing guitar. Although he currently hasn’t any pets, he hoping to add an Italiano Spinone pup to the family soon.

    Rebecca Spragg


    Rebecca has been with Pets Corner since 2009 and was the manager of our Andover branch where her skills as a trainer were first developed. A very much valued member of staff, Rebecca is our trainer on the front lines.

    You will find Rebecca on the shop floor guiding fledgling stores and helping with new members of staff. She supports new stores with their opening weeks and guides the new stores in their journey to becoming an established member of the Pets Corner family. With her extensive knowledge on all things pets and a strong passion for nutrition she helps our staff get the most from ‘on the job’ training, providing them guidance with everything from customer service to giving nutritional advice.

    With Rebecca’s impressively strong knowledge on pet nutrition and incredible people skills, we can ensure our staff are getting the very best guidance so they are fully equipped with all the skills to help our customers the very best of their abilities.

    In her free time, Rebecca can be found spending quality time with Rosie, her Labrador. She also has two goldfish.

    Trained Staff
    Trained Staff

    Kate Holloway


    Kate is the newest addition to the Pets Corner training team. She has been with the company since 2009 and is the manager for our Poole store in Dorset.

    Kate has a strong passion for animal welfare and works alongside Lucy to ensure all our small animals are not only looked after with the best possible practices in store, but in their new homes as well by training our staff to give advice and guidance to each new owner. Kate breeds Abyssinian, Peruvian and Teddy/Texel guinea pigs as a hobby, so knows first-hand how important the correct care and attention is to small animals.

    Kate also trains in other sessions such as animal behaviour. With her strong knowledge of dog training and cat behaviour, Kate is able to teach and coach our staff to give only the very best advice to our customers.

    When she isn’t training, on the shop floor or tending to her baby guinea pigs, Kate can be found at the stables with her 3 horses; Niamh, Rodney and William. She also partakes in agility for fun with whippet, Tia. Kate’s most recent addition to the family is five sheep.