Tetra Aquasafe (available in 2 sizes)

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    • Makes tap water safe for fish
    • Removes nitrates and ammonia
    • Helps protect fish from stress
    • Helps keep fish healthy
    • 5ml of Aquasafe treats 10 litres of tap water
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    Tetra Aquasafe 50ml
    Tetra Aquasafe 100ml

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    Product Description

    Tetra Aquasafe. Known for their knowledge and products for fish, Tetra have developed Aquasafe to help improve the water quality and health of your fish.

    Suitable for use in all fresh and marine water aquariums, Tetra Aquasafe helps remove dangerous chemicals from tap water and will not harm fish or plants. Tetra Aquasafe removes chlorine and chloramines, protects delicate areas of the fish, removes nitrate and ammonia and helps protect your fish from stress often present following a water change. as a guide 5ml of Tetra Aquasafe will treat approx 10 litres of tap water. Aquasafe should be added to tap water and mixed before being placed into aquarium.

    Available Sizes: 50ml, 100ml.