Responsible selling

Some people don't approve of pets being sold in pet stores. Our argument is that it is better for pets to be sold in a regulated outlet by staff who have been trained for the animals best welfare and whom are in a position to refuse sale if they don't consider the purchaser to have the animal's best interest.

We do think about the pets life once it has left us and that is why we spend a great deal of time ensuring our staff are qualified to advise on all the pets they sell.

Sex Guaranteed

Sex Guaranteed

Sexing small animals is a fine art. Anyone who's ever bought a boy bunny only to learn that "he's" fallen pregnant will attest to that.

If you went to work for one of our competitors it is very likely that you would be able to sell a pet to a customer on your first day with no formal training. We believe this is wrong. As a seller of livestock it is paramount that we ensure the pet we're selling is going to a home where it will be cared for.

Our staff have to complete and pass our comprehensive animal husbandry course before they can sell any pets. This is how we can ensure that no sexing mistakes are made which means we are the only chain of pet shops to guarantee the sex of the pets we sell.

Pets Need Space

We will only sell a pet to you if we are assured that you can provide it with the care and attention that it needs.

We have also set minimum sizes for the cages and hutches we sell to suit certain pets. Our competitors may be happy selling cramped cages and hutches, but we won't sell you a cage that is too small to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of your pet.

Pets Need Space
Star Breeder Program

Star Breeder Program

We only purchase animals from breeders who we feel meet our exacting standards. These are our Star Breeders.

All of our mammals and birds are British bred. We will never knowingly stock birds or reptiles that have been removed from their natural habitat. We produce birth certificates for each pet so it's easy to trace their origins.

We will never knowingly buy animals that have come from auction, or those that have been intensively reared by 'battery breeders' who don't treat their animals properly.

This is why we're the only chain of pet shops in the UK to offer a 21 Day Health Guarantee.

21 Day Health Guarantee

Pets Corner guarantees the health of your pet for 21 days from point of purchase. If your animal falls ill in this period and your vet firmly believes that the illness or injury was contracted prior to purchase we will cover the cost of your vet's fees.

The guarantee does not cover:

  • Injury caused by neglect, another animal or mishandling
  • Stress related illnesses caused by change of environment.

We guarantee the sex of all mammals when stated. Some birds cannot be sexed by appearance, but when we possible we will guarantee their sex. The sex of reptiles and fish cannot be guaranteed. This does not affect your statutory rights.