Royal Canin Cat Ageing +12 2kg

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  • Complete dry food formulated for Senior Cats aged over 12 to help maintain a healthy active lifestyle
  • Helps to support healthy kidney function
  • Double textured kibble designed for older cats
  • Vitamins & minerals to help promote joint & skin health
  • Includes patented combination of antioxidants to promote overall wellbeing

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Product Description

Royal Canin Ageing Cat 12+. Royal Canin Ageing Cat 12+ has been specifically formulated for senior cats over 12 years.

Royal Canin Ageing 12+ contains a blend of patented antioxidants & polyphenols re-inforced with lycopene, to provide your senior cat with as much vitality and resilience as possible in their later years. The amino acid trytophan, known for it's relaxing properties, assists your cat's overall well being, whilst the very low phosphorous levels help support the kidneys. Essential fatty acids (EPA & DHA), in Royal Canin Ageing Cat 12+, together with glucosamine and Chondroitin support joint health.

The teeth of a senior cat, aged over 12, has also been considered in formulating Royal Canin Ageing Cat 12+. The double texture of the kibble, together with the quality of ingredients, helps to stimulate the appetite.

Available Sizes: 400g, 2kg, 4kg.