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From April 6th 2016 all dogs and puppies over 8 weeks of age will have to be microchipped by law in addition to them wearing a collar and tag with the owners contact information on.

Microchipping is highly recommended for all pets, because you never know what might happen.

Specialist staff at Pets Corner have been trained to microchip dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. The sterile microchip is coated with Parylene C, which bonds with the tissues under the skin in just a few weeks to ensure the microchip does not move and can be easily scanned when required. The microchip is completely passive and is only activated once detected by a microchip scanner. After scanning, the microchip returns to a passive state.

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What is Microchipping?

What is Microchipping?

Pet microchips used by Pets Corner are the size of a grain of rice. They are injected just under the skin between your animal's shoulder blades by a fully trained member of staff. The unique number programmed into the microchip is recorded with information about you and your pet onto Petlog, the UK's largest 24-hour independent microchip database, run by The Kennel Club.

The FDX-B microchips used are manufactured to the highest standard Swiss technology and conform to ISO 11784/11785 for worldwide traceability.

If the unthinkable happens and your pet goes missing an international network of scanners will ensure that when found by a local authority, animal warden or welfare organisation, your pet's microchip can be scanned and your animal returned home quickly and safely to you.

After the injection

The microchip site may be a little sensitive for a day or so after implanting as with any injection, however as the needle and microchip are sterilised there should be no other after effects. Tissue fibres around the microchip need time to be able to bond with the microchip, so any manipulation could inhibit this process and possibly cause the microchip to move from the implant site, so it is best to simply leave the site alone.

The procedure may cause slight discomfort but will not cause any side effects.

If your contact details change in your pet's lifetime then please contact Petlog on 08444 633 999 or visit to notify them.


Petlog offer an optional enhanced service called Petlog Premium, which allows you to register temporary and holiday information which is useful if you travel with your pets in the UK or abroad on the Pet Travel Scheme.

Notify Petlog if your pet goes missing along with your council animal warden service, local rescues and local vet practices.

Remember after 6th April 2016 it will be law for all dogs and puppies over 8 weeks to be microchipped.

If you own a dog remember it should wear a collar and disc displaying your contact details, whenever it is in a public place even if it is also microchipped.