Interpet No. 13 Swimbladder Treatment 100ml

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  • Water treatment for aquariums
  • Cures bacterial swimbladder infections
  • Safe to fish, plants & filters
  • Easy to dose with measuring cup and pipette
  • Treats approx 500 litres

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Product Description

Interpet No.13 Swim bladder Treatment 100ml. Swim bladder Treatment from Interpet is a water treatment to cure bacterial swim bladder infections in fish.

Symptoms of swim bladder include; fish seemingly unable to swim properly: i.e. sinking and unable to swim up, being at the top of the water and unable to swim down; fish swimming on their side or rolling. Swim bladder causes stress and can result in death if left untreated.

Interpet No.13 Swim bladder Treatment is harmless to fish, plants and filters. This easy to use treatment comes complete with measuring cup and pipette. Instructions and a Guide to Fish Health are also included.

100ml of Interpet Swim bladder Treatment treats approx 500 litres of aquarium water.