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    Got a porky pooch or a tubby tabby? Our nutritional experts can help you pick the right diet and exercise for your pet, and you might be surprised that feeding a healthier diet could also save you money!

    Health Club
    Pet food money saving

    Our nutritional background

    Way back in the early nineties we were the first pet retailer to specifically train our staff on all aspects of canine and feline nutrition. Over the years we have been offering our customers advice and dietary solutions for ailments that even veterinary surgeons couldn't solve. Also, selecting the correct food for your pet could actually half their daily feeding cost.

    What's a healthy weight?

    It's even more important to keep an eye on your pet's weight than your own because, unlike us humans, pets can't decide to join the gym or go for a run on their own.

    Pet obesity can cause joint problems, arthritis, diabetes, digestive disorders, and of course heart disease.

    So, what should your pet weigh? Download our weight guide, or bring your pet into one of our shops and a member of staff can help and advise you.

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    Regular Food vs. Super-Premium

    Super-Premium foods like Symply, More and Canagan all share one thing. Top quality ingredients that are nutritionally balanced and easy for your pet to digest. Look out for the words 'meat' or 'meat meal' rather than 'meat and animal derivatives' which are as nasty as they sound.

    Unfortunately most big name tinned foods, pouches and cheap dry foods are loaded with cheap cereals, meat and animal derivatives, sugar and salt. Much of the food is undigestible and the added sugar can make your pet hyperactive, fat and can damage their teeth. With tins and pouches you're paying for food that's as much as 85% water!

    Also, many people think that the most famous foods are the best, but usually they are just the ones with the biggest advertising budget. There are many famous brands of foods, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

    How can better food save me money?

    Super-Premium dry foods may seem expensive, but as they are more complete and easily digestible your pet gets more nutrition out of much smaller amounts so it works out cheaper in the long run.