Great&Small Luxury Wild Bird Seed (available in 2 sizes)

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    • Nutritious
    • Wholesome
    • Yummy
    • Luxury Mix
    • Packed full of tasty seeds
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    Great&Small Luxury Wild Bird Seed 1kg
    Great&Small Luxury Wild Bird Seed 3kg

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    Product Description

    This Luxury Wild Bird Seed from Great&Small is a tasty food for all Wild Birds out there. The Luxury Wild Bird is jam packed with delicious Sunflower Hearts, Whole Wheat, Millet, Peanut Granules and much more! Great&Small's Luxury Wild Bird Seed is nutitious, wolesome & yummy and is sure to attract a whole range of Birds to your garden. The Great&Small Luxury Wild Bird will satisfy your garden visitors enough to keep them coming back for more!

    Aniseed, Sunflower Hearts, Whole Wheat, Red Dari, Peanut Granules, Whole Maize, Red Millet, White Millet, Canary Seed and Rape Seed.