Tetra Tabimin Tablets (available in 3 sizes)

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    • Balanced food for bottom feeding fish
    • Ideal for catfish and loach
    • Sinking tablet food
    • Enriched with shrimp
    • Highly palatable
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    Tetra Plecomin Tablets 120
    Tetra Tabimin Tablets 120
    Tetra Tabimin Tablets 360
    Tetra Tabimin Tablets 1040

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    Product Description

    Tetra Tabimin Tablets. Tetra Tabimin Tablets are a complete, balanced food for bottom feeding fish including Catfish and Loach.

    Tetra Tabimin Tablets help boost colour, health and vitality. These highly nutritious tablets sink to allow for easy feeding. Ideal for shy or nocturnal bottom feeding fish, Tetra Tabimin can be fed after the aquarium light has been turned off. Tetra Tabimin can also be broken up and fed to cichlids or other larger tropical fish. Tetra Tabimin is enriched with shrimps and is highly palatable to minimise waste.

    Available Sizes: 120 tablets, 360 tablets, 1040 tablets.


    Milk & milk derivatives, fish & fish derivatives, vegetable protein extracts, cereals, yeasts, molluscs & crustaceans (shrimps 5%) , oils & fats, various sugars, algae, minerals.

    Typical Analysis:

    Crude Protein 40%, crude oils & fats 6%, crude fibre 2%, moisture content 9%.

    Please note the 360 & 1040 tablet pack sizes in this product may take more than 5 days to deliver as it is not a stocked line.