Great&Small Electrically Heated Cosy Cat Bed

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    • Electrically heated bed for cats or small dogs
    • Operating power 17 watts
    • Includes chew resistant power cord with transformer and UK plug
    • Machine washable
    • Extra comfort for ageing or arthritic pets

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    Product Description

    Great&Small Cosy Bed Cat. Safe, cosy and comfortable the Great&Small Cosy Bed offers your cat a warm, soft and inviting area for sleep.

    Designed with ultimate comfort in mind, the Great&Small Cosy Bed Cat is perfect for taking the chill off cold days or nights. Cosy Bed Cat contains orthopaedic foam; a further benefit for recovering, ageing or arthritic pets.

    Antibacterial, odour resistant and with a machine washable cover, Cosy Cat is electrically heated, to approximately 40 degrees, using a low voltage and includes a chew resistant power cord, transformer and UK power plug. The heated pad runs on a low voltage (24v/17 watts) so is very cheap to run and be left on constantly. Complete with soft, fleece cover the pets will find this the ultimate in warming luxury.

    For indoor use only.

    Approximate Size: 21"

    Cover = 100% Polyester

    Filler = 100% Polyester

    Electrical Specification = input 24v/17watts

    Washing Instructions:

    Wash in cold water only. Do not use bleach or strong detergent. Use delicate cycle or gentle settings with very low heat when tumble drying. Reshape if needed.


    This product is for pets only and is intended for indoor use only.

    Care should be taken to check the temperature of the bed regularly.

    If power cord becomes damaged cease use.