We proudly support Canine Partners, training assistance dogs to transform lives.

    Canine Partners is an incredible charity that has helped countless people over the years despite limited public exposure. At Pets Corner we serve over 2 million customers each year through our 128 stores, and we raise awareness and money for this worthy cause. Pets Corner donate the majority of our charitable income to Canine Partners and also gift 10p from the sale of every Eco-bag we sell in store.

    I hope that through the income we generate and the awareness created, Canine Partners can grow and provide more assistance dogs for those who need them.

    Dean Richmond
    Managing Director, Pets Corner UK Ltd

    Why get a microchip?

    You'll be amazed what these wonder dogs can do

    Canine Partners carry out all sorts of useful tasks:

    • Picking up dropped items, e.g. keys, mobile phone etc.
    • Helping to undress, including undoing zips and tugging off jackets and socks.
    • Assisting in the supermarket by retrieving items off the shelf or handing a purse to the cashier.
    • Emergency response procedures such as activating an emergency alarm if their partner needs help.
    • Loading or unloading the washing machine or drier, they can't do the ironing though!