Bark 'N' Beak Bird Toy (available in 2 sizes)

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    • Natural materials
    • Non toxic
    • Interesting design to keep Birds occupied
    • Good for keeping beaks trim
    • Fun jingly bell
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    Bark 'N' Beak Small
    Bark 'N' Beak Large

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    Product Description

    Bark 'n' Beak made from non toxic and natural wood, your feathered friend is sure to love playing with this toy. The Bark 'n' Beak Bird Toy has an interesting deisng to keep your Bird entertained for hours. The Bark 'n' Beak will also help to keep his beak trim and healthy.

    There are two different sizes of the Bark 'n' Beak Bird Toy available to cater for pretty much every type of pet Bird.